How 10 Brands Use Pinterest Idea Pins for Marketing

In 2021, Pinterest introduced a new feature called Idea Pins. Pinterest Idea Pins consist of videos or photos grouped together in a format similar to Instagram Stories. These pins appear in the Watch channel of the Pinterest app, almost like the For Your Page on TikTok. Idea Pins are also displayed in the Create section of a brand’s Pinterest profile.

In a press release, Pinterest said Idea Pins make it easy for content creators to post “high-quality, long-lasting, and saveable content.”

“With these updates, we highlight the people behind the content and encourage Pinners to follow the creators and engage with the ideas they find,” the press release said.

As you’ll see with brands below, Idea Pins can be used to tell a story, promote products, offer tutorials, and interact with users. Here’s how these 10 brands use Idea Pins.

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10 Brands Using Pinterest Idea Pins

1. Fenty Beauty

Cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty uses Idea Pins to promote the brand’s products and show brand inclusivity. The company does this by showing photos of the products and how they look on different skin tones. Fenty also features videos on its Pins of people of color applying makeup and creating different looks.

Fenty Beauty uses Pinterest idea pins for marketingSource of the image

One of the main concerns facing the cosmetics industry is the lack of inclusion. Many people of color with darker skin often struggle to find makeup that matches or complements their skin tone. By using Idea Pins to showcase the variety and how POCs look in Fenty products, the company differentiates itself from other cosmetics companies and presents itself as a solution.

2. Oh Joy

Design company and lifestyle brand Oh Joy is the most followed account on Pinterest with 15.2 million followers. Its founder, Joy Cho, uses Idea Pins as a way to speak directly to the company’s audience and provide fashion and home decor advice. For example, in one pin Cho promotes Jared’s jewelry. She speaks directly to the camera and tells her audience how she was able to coordinate the jewelry with her outfit.

Joy Cho uses Pinterest idea pins for marketingSource of the image

Cho then encourages the audience to click through her pins to see more of her favorite Jared pieces and the outfits she paired them with. In other idea pins, Cho gives her audience a tour of her home and explains the thought process behind her decor. This is a great way to encourage audience participation and bond with viewers.

cho2Source of the image

3. Eat my muse

Food My Muse is a foodie account that posts recipes and restaurant reviews. The account is managed by the former owner of the restaurant Nadia Aidi. While Aidi posts a variety of food-related content, she uses Idea Pins specifically to post step-by-step how-to videos for different recipes.

Food My Muse uses Pinterest idea pins for marketingSource of the image

Also includes the full recipe in the description of each pin. This type of content is great for visual learners and showcases your experience as a chef, establishing your credibility as a food expert.

4. Mejuri jewelry

Mejuri Jewelry uses Idea Pins to post photos of their jewelry pieces and categorize their content by theme. In a way, Mejuri uses Idea Pins to create different lookbooks. In an Idea Pin, for example, Mejuri creates a lookbook that shows Pinterest users the different ways they can stack bracelets. Another lookbook features fall 2021 trends, and another Idea Pin uses photos to show how gold and silver jewelry can be combined.

This method of using pins showcases the jewelry Mejuri has to offer and gives potential buyers practical information on how to style it for any occasion.

Mejuri uses Pinterest idea pins for marketingSource of the image

5. Etsy

For his idea Pins. Etsy relies heavily on video content that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the small businesses on the Etsy website. One Idea Pin features a sequence of clips showing how an Etsy seller named Tori Lynn paints and glazes a ceramic mug. Another pin is a time-lapse video of another seller named Veruschka turning parts of their home into a workspace where they make and ship their products by hand.

Etsy uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingSource of the image

This type of content not only promotes the products found on Etsy, but also highlights the many businesses and artists who sell their products on the site. By doing this, Etsy attracts both potential buyers and business owners looking for a platform.

Etsy uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingSource of the image

6. Vogue magazine

Vogue magazine uses Idea Pins to promote their magazine cover stars through candid videos from photoshoots. The magazine’s latest Idea Pin, for example, features photos and images of Serena Williams and her daughter, posing for the magazine’s cover and playing on a beach. Other pins include celebrities like Rihanna showing off her baby bump, as well as photos from the Met Gala.

Vogue uses Pinterest idea pins for marketingSource of the image

Vogue’s Idea Pins appeal to their audience’s love of celebrity and fashion, and the Pins establish Vogue at the center of pop culture.

Vogue uses Pinterest idea pins for marketingSource of the image

7. Uproar

Most of Bustle’s Idea Pins consist of repurposed content from other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. This method is useful because it gives a second life to old content on Pinterest. Celebrity interview TikToks and short YouTube anecdotes are frequently uploaded as Idea Pins, showcasing Bustle’s variety of pop culture content.

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8. Free People

Most Free People pins start with a video of a model wearing a fashion retailer’s clothing, demonstrating the different ways the clothing can be styled. The video is then followed by photographs of the products in different colors and in different outfits. This method makes all idea pins look similar and uniform, so followers know what to expect.

Similar to Mejuri Jewelry, Free People also organizes its pins by style and creates a digital lookbook that showcases its clothing and accessories.

Free People uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingSource of the image

9. The Little Bazaar

The Little Bazaar is an online store that sells boho style clothing. Like most fashion accounts on Pinterest, all of The Little Bazaar’s idea pins consist of photos of models wearing their clothes. However, some models are also customers who have submitted photos and videos of themselves wearing the products.

This form of user-generated content is great because it shows Pinterest users how clothes look on real people and would encourage people to submit their own content.

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10. Lulu’s

Almost all of Lulu’s idea pins consist of fashion and lifestyle, such as “How to Style a Corset Top” and “How to: Macha Gin Fizz”. However, what I love most about Lulu’s Idea Pins are the cover images. Each cover image features the Lulu logo as well as large text that gives a quick explanation of what the pin is about.

This use of Idea Pins is aesthetically pleasing, organized, and helps Pinterest users navigate to the type of content they’re looking for.

Lulu's uses Pinterest Idea Pins for marketingSource of the image

Idea Pins present more opportunities for brands to post their content to users’ Pinterest feeds, expanding brand awareness. However, brands should also see these pins as an opportunity to create engaging content that tells a story and adds value.

How-tos, lookbooks, behind-the-scenes footage, and user-generated content are just a few examples of the many ways you can incorporate Idea Pins into your marketing strategy.

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