How Chocolate Fat Fish’s Young Founder Is Helping Other Kid Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship doesn’t come with an age limit – just ask the founder of Chocolate Fat Fish!

The young founder started his own candy business at just seven years old. Now, she’s helping other kids do the same. Read about her story and the unique business she started in Small Business Spotlight magazine this week.

What does the business do

Sale of various sweet products.

Founder Henry MacLane told Small Business Trends, “We sell color-coded candy bags. But with this new program we’re starting, we’re also selling subscriptions.”

Business niche

A young founder.

MacLane is only 11 years old. And now, it offers a subscription service to help other young people sell candy as well. The program is only for entrepreneurs between 7 and 14 years old.

How the business started

With another sweet.

MacLane says, “I started this business when I was seven years old and sold Hershey’s Syrup door to door from my office to raise money to start my candy business.”

Biggest victory

Start of the program for young entrepreneurs.

MacLane adds: “The biggest win I’ve had is probably starting this program and getting here in less than three months.”

The biggest risk

Invest money to start a business.

MacLane explains, “The biggest risk my business has ever had was when I started this business and invested $ 500 in it. If it had gone wrong, I would have lost that money or would be in debt right now.”

How they would spend an additional $ 100,000

Enhance operations.

MacLane adds: “I would first set up a plant to make my sweets and then use the rest of the money for advertising.”

Business symbol

A sweet-loving fish.

MacLane says, “Our logo is a fish surrounded by candy and I thought it was great.”

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Image: Chocolate Fat Fish, Henry MacLane

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