How Consumers Prefer to Interact With Brands [HubSpot Blog Survey]

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All customers have different communication preferences regarding the brands they like. Some may want to call a company for more information about what they offer, while others may start a conversation with a chatbot.

Because your goal is to create a customer experience that speaks to their needs, you want to know which channels they prefer. Find out how to be really good at marketing by 2020 here.

Read on to find out more about HubSpot’s blog about customer communication preferences with their favorite companies.

Customer communication preference statistics

How customers prefer to know the products

A HubSpot Blog survey asked respondents how they prefer to interact with companies when looking for information about a product or service.

46% said they prefer to review their content (videos, ads, blog posts, pictures, etc.), 15% follow or visit their social media accounts, and 9% go to the physical store of the company and read reviews on review sites or social media. media pages.

graph showing customers' communication preferences for getting to know companies

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1. Review the content

Audiences overwhelmingly prefer to review the content that your business publishes, so it’s essential to talk about this desire in your marketing strategy by creating useful content that your audience is looking for.

With this tip, it’s also important to be aware of the channels that your audience uses the most so that you can get to know them in their favorite media. For example, Generation Z spends most of their time on YouTube, and 47% research the products that interest them on the platform, followed by Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

2. Social Media

When it comes to social media, 56% of consumers are influenced by posts shared by friends and family to get ideas. In addition, 54% of Generation Z shoppers and 58% of millennials agree that social platforms are better than online searches for new products.

3. Reading reviews

When it comes to reading reviews, a 2021 Stackla report found that UGCs, which are a type of review, have 8.7 times more impact than influencer content and 6.6 times more impact than branded content. . 56% of people also reported leaving an e-commerce store without buying because the site did not include customer reviews or photos.

How customers prefer to communicate with a company

When contacting an online company, respondents preferred to send messages to a human representative of your company (45%).

graph showing customer preferences for contacting an online business

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This is a crucial statistic to consider the increase in chatbots. While the AI-powered tool is certainly useful, customers let us know that they don’t want you to change your entire messaging strategy to revolve around an automated tool.

However, the second biggest preference is a mix of chatbots and human representatives. So even though customers want to talk to one person, you can combine both tools into your strategy. When you take advantage of a mix of the two, try to get robots to complement the human experience. For example, a bot can start a conversation and gather information to transfer the client to a better equipped agent to offer a solution.

Customers also agree to simply use chatbots for routine and simple tasks, such as tracking orders, checking status or balance, or changing an order.

Customers prefer automated interactions for simple-1 tasks

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Looking ahead

As a company, it’s important to match the ways you sell with the ways people want to buy. Take advantage of the information in this HubSpot blog survey to make sure you are talking about your customers’ current wishes and meeting their favorite channels.

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