How European Restauranteurs Can Use the Metaverse

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Okay, what is the metavers? According to a report from The Wall Street Journal (April 5), metavers is a term used to describe a virtual environment in which people can use digital avatars to work, play, or shop. These 3D virtual space platforms may seem like a few years away for European restaurants, but establishing a presence now should increase brand awareness, attract more customers, and increase profits. Restaurant technology news.

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So among the first experimenters of this 3D virtual space are European restaurateurs who offer a new and fun way to reward customers and increase brand awareness. Those hungry customers and tech experts love their virtual interactions to order food or drinks by playing a game to collect virtual money or even visiting the winery with friends (no tasting or drunk driving) as a way to ‘social interaction.

Potential metavers.

Design a game like Chipotle with Roblox on the metaverse to build a burrito described in his press release: “Players can drag and drop their favorite ingredients into a burrito and then roll it up in the time it takes. allows to collect “burritos.” are a form of digital currency known as non-expendable tokens (NFTs) that cannot be exchanged for money or cryptocurrencies.Customers who play to win them can use in a loyalty program to win, for example, a favorite burrito of the restaurant’s fans, or it offers a virtual tour of the European winery with a guide so that customers can choose a vintage wine to buy and proudly bring to their next celebratory dinner at home with the friends.

And speaking of friends, create a virtual wine meta-club where a group of virtual tokens or NFT is waiting for the future purchase of a pinot noir and maybe even some grilled scallops and a baguette as a suggestion to pick up them or deliver them. favorite wine bar. Or even offer users the opportunity to make a dining reservation for friends by looking at tables, for example, through a window with a view of the real grapes that went into this wine.

And speaking of beverages, European fast food restaurant owners could offer their customers home ordering services and virtual food and beverage services. Seconds Business Insider, McDonald’s and its McCafe announced that the parent company has made 10 applications to metavers platforms. These include NFT’s virtual food and beverage app for selling products, others for presenting real-life representations of people on metavers, and even an adventure in the realm of music under their brand.

McDonald’s is a giant restaurant chain and you can afford that insightful step into the future. The possibilities are endless, but they will require European restaurant owners to invest in the digital technology needed to combine the physical and digital worlds. Risky? Perhaps, but as these virtual reality (VR) ideas are developed and tested, there will be data (e.g., quarterly earnings reports, etc.) on how much to invest and where successes and failures lie. . Do the research and, if you like, take a leap and see how the NFTs of old and new customers build up, that’s pretty much it.

Metaverse objectives.

It seems very new, but customer involvement, customer satisfaction and increased profits are the ultimate goals, the same goals that all European restaurants have had for centuries.

These platforms are another way to promote the brand and bring new and different foods and / or experiences to old and new customers who like to play and surf the Internet, thus increasing revenue streams. It can be a cooking class for those unfamiliar with, for example, Colombian arepas which are a white cornbread stuffed with bananas and a salted cheese or how to stuff and fry these delicious delicacies. It can be a virtual visit to your restaurant or wine bar. It can be a completely new concept restaurant.

Aaah, with just a few clicks, here it is before your eyes: an innovative, vibrant and sensual fusion of the physical world with the digital world.

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