How Graham Bensinger Gets Interviews With Huge Name Celebs

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In depth with Graham Bensinger shows stories of celebrities, infamous and rising personalities. The podcast of the 35-year-old Emmy-winning journalist (who gets, on average, 2.5 million digital views per episode) has featured Tom Hanks, Bob Costas, the late / great Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson and too many others A- Lists to, well, list.

The Midwestern father often remembers the time the kitchen phone rang, when Graham was a teenager, only to hear the inside of the Hall of Fame, Ernie Banks, on the other side, calling his son for an interview. Then there was the viral moment when Bensinger interviewed former NFL receiver Terrell Owens and found himself as the standout on ESPN. Sport’s centre.

Love what you learn

“After being fired from NBC Sports, I realized that no one would give me the kind of opportunity I was looking for and I figured out how to do it on my own,” Graham recalls. “I was lucky that the landscape was changing and there was more receptivity to new ways of telling stories.”

Bensinger is grateful to have the opportunity to travel to so many interesting places in the world while even meeting you month interesting personalities.

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to outline some of the most notable figures on the planet, be they Matthew McConaughey, Richard Branson or Lewis Hamilton,” adds Graham, sitting in front of bold names and learning about their paths to life. “They are bigger than life figures who have achieved great success.”

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Sell ​​the narrative

Most of Bensinger’s time is spent preparing, preparing for both interviews i benefits.

“I see my job is primarily sales,” Graham says. “I travel 250 days a year to work, meet with business partners, try to sign a large distribution agreement, advertise or book a major guest; all sales, really “.

Reflecting on future growth, Bensinger is all about staying true to quality.

“We mainly feature athletes or people with some connection to the sport,” the host notes. “I wish the show would eventually include someone like President Obama one week, Julia Roberts the next and then a great athlete.”

Bessinger seeks to evolve at the pace of new media, while expanding operations and accessibility.

“We have the linear product that is broadcast by broadcast and cable,” he adds. “There are digital products and we’re developing a streaming one, where everything happens in the OTT space.”

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Wait for the unexpected

“One of the challenges of building a business is feeling comfortable with what’s uncomfortable,” Bensinger says. “Over time, you have to work with so many different personality types and egos.”

Graham argues that the job of an interviewer is first and foremost to make the subject feel comfortable.

“I hope to ask the person about their deepest and darkest moments in life,” Besinger adds. “So it’s up to me to make them and their representatives comfortable, otherwise I don’t do my job.”

Run after Forrest

“I located Tom Hanks’ contact information and emailed him from time to time for more than four years, ”Bensinger recalls of a recent incident. “The process was like this: no response, an occasional response, scheduling, rescheduling, cancellation a couple of times and then it happened.”

Bensinger exudes a calm confidence and remains the son of the persistence poster that pays off.

“Tom was willing to clean up an hour and a half for the interview, but he ended up giving us almost three because he sincerely appreciated that we did our homework and were willing to delve into topics that other journalists didn’t cover often,” he recalls. . Graham. “It turned out to be one of the most fun experiences.”

Something within Bensinger fostered a divergent path from traditional media networks and established a new content paradigm driven by their efforts.

While calm and deferential, Bensinger’s confidence seems to be bubbling to the surface. Perhaps the 1965 framed photo of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston, behind Graham’s desk, wants to convey that the tycoon has mastered his own hook.

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