How Success Happened for Renette Youssef, CMO of Velo3D

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From an early age, Renette Youssef knew she wanted to travel the world. Growing up in Australia, she remembers telling her friends and family when she was just 11 years old that she wanted to live in different countries and experience their unique cultures.

Renette Youssef

Is it any surprise then that Renette is now a self-described natural traveler? “I’ve done the math and visited more than 35 countries, some multiple times,” he says.

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Of course, she couldn’t have known at such a young age that her desire to venture out into the world would be instrumental to her success later in life as the Marketing Director of Velo3D, a leading company in additive manufacturing technology for to mission critical metals. parts.

Last year, he experienced the thrill of attending Velo3D’s ringing ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange, a far cry from his early days in marketing stuffing envelopes for direct mail pieces, writing web copy and managing campaigns email as part of a small but lean team of young salespeople.

“It was a very small team, so I got to do a lot and experience a lot of different marketing functions that helped me later in my career, giving me a holistic view of marketing and understanding how different efforts can come together to create synergy and work better than they do on their own,” he says.

After many years in various marketing roles, Renette leads the marketing team at Velo3D. Despite her initial skepticism about the shift from SaaS to the world of additive manufacturing, Renette says she put her initial doubt aside after being impressed by Velo3D’s technology, mission and CEO, Benny Buller.

Shaping how the world sees manufacturing technology

A thought leader and brand disruptor, Renette is helping to shape the way the world views manufacturing technology. As Velo3D’s CMO, he has built an experienced team of marketing professionals and worked closely with Velo3D’s engineers and sales leaders to develop long-term strategies to drive innovation in the aerospace, energy and semiconductor industries .

“I love that we’re altering the additive,” he says. “We’re the new kid on the block, the new guard, and we’re ruffling the feathers of the old guard. We’re setting the standard for what additive is and what you can achieve with metal 3D printing, which is getting customers have the parts they want without having to redesign the additive.”

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A born communicator with a passion for helping others, Renette has always been driven by her desire to bring people together with good storytelling.

This gift for storytelling was harnessed this year with the premiere of Renette’s first podcast series, Laser Focused, which takes listeners on a journey of discovery with the leaders who are changing the world with revolutionary new design our way of thinking about advanced manufacturing. .

Renette says she has always been an admirer of innovation, specifically leaders who inspire others through the innovative work they do. The podcast has focused on doing just that, with guests including former BMW CFO Stefan Krause and current Rocket Man, and Launcher CEO Max Haot.

Of course, Renette has led many initiatives over the years, including creating targeted marketing campaigns focused on communicating the value proposition of Velo3D’s manufacturing solutions to key audiences, including customers and partners.

Setting the stage as the company’s first CMO

As responsible for bringing Velo3D’s marketing and branding to life, Renette has played a key role in defining the company’s identity.

As she explains, “I’m basically responsible for helping people understand who we are, what we do, how we’re different and why that’s important.” Under his leadership, the company has launched its marketing efforts on a large scale and is now working to further develop its brand.

How personal travel lends itself to a global company

As someone who has lived and worked on three continents and cultures, Renette has gained a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in different countries.

“Working internationally has helped me understand that everyone works differently,” he says. “The way people think about business is different depending on where they live. The types of messages they have to hear can also be different. Working internationally gave me greater emotional intelligence than otherwise had had these experiences.”

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With the company experiencing great success, with more growth potential on the horizon, Renette is well aware of the work she and her team must embark on to achieve their goals.

“We are focused on growth in Europe, Japan and Australia, he explains. Although we have established a lot of credibility in the US, we have to approach these new countries in a different way. It takes a lot of research, planning and calculation. find the best way to adapt our messages to meet the needs of these important new markets.”

Tips for getting started and succeeding in your career

Renette’s story is one of adventure, ambition and achievement. Looking back, she’s clear about the lessons she’s learned along the way, but perhaps most importantly, she’s had time to reflect on the characteristics needed to succeed in the professional world.

“Passion, curiosity, determination, ambition, a work ethic instilled in me by my father, being inspired by the people around me to do my best, these are things that got me to where I am today,” he says . Women who want to build a successful career, don’t be deterred by a ‘glass ceiling’, break through it and build strong relationships, work collaboratively and don’t forget to market yourself and celebrate your successes” .

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