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How To Become A Second Act Entrepreneur With The Featured Image Of Eric BrownEric Brown is an experienced serial housing developer and developer. In 2000, he started his own company, Urbane Apartments, which has developed more than 16,000 market apartments nationwide. It is recognized as a vanguard in the family housing industry thanks to its social media marketing strategies. It recently branched out to go in a new direction with Urbane Farm, a supplier of 100 unique brands of hot sauces, fish sauces, gravy, and more. Eric released his new book, Entrepreneur of the second act, to help entrepreneurs in starting a business.

Today, Eric joins me to share his second-act entrepreneurial journey and what inspired him to write his book. He reveals some of the first lessons he learned in business and why he went from a long career in ownership to his new product business. It reveals the advantages of being an entrepreneur over 55 and some things to keep in mind when choosing this path. Eric also details how he is marketing his new business and the cyclical business trends he has noticed over the years.

“There’s a difference between doing what you’re doing and being passionate about something.” – Eric Brown

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Become a second act entrepreneur with the quote from Eric Brown's podcast

This week’s SmallBizChat podcast:

  • What inspired Eric to write his book
  • One of the most important lessons Eric learned from his first business
  • Why Eric decided to move from a 30-year real estate business career to his new business
  • The benefits of being an entrepreneur over the age of 55 and the things to think about
  • What Eric hopes to teach people with his new book
  • How Eric is marketing and selling his new business
  • The cyclical trends that Eric has noticed in his long business career

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