How to Earn More Than $50 in Amazon Credits Ahead of Prime Day (2022)

Amazon Prime Day offers are just one of the benefits of being a member of Amazon Prime. Here’s another one: Amazon is offering at least $ 52 in credits to Prime members ahead of the big sale event, which will take place on July 12th and 13th. Below we have highlighted the best promotions. This is an easy way to accumulate money to spend on Amazon, especially if you want to treat yourself (responsibly!) During Prime Day.

We want to point out that most of these promotions require you to spend money to get the credits. If you do not plan to pay to see it Light year, for example, you should not choose this promotion. Think carefully about whether the promotion is worth it.

Be sure to check out our Amazon Prime Day coverage to catch up with all the sales – there are already a lot of early deals. Our Prime Day advice guide will also help you find out when a discount is not worth it.

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Get up to $ 52 in credits on Amazon

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Before we dive in, here are some things you should know. First, you must be a Prime member to take advantage of this feature. Second, credits are automatically added to eligible accounts once the applicable bid criteria are met. Amazon will email you when these credits have been added. Frustratingly, there’s no way to see the full balance of your promotional credits in your Amazon account, but once added, they will automatically apply during the purchase for purchases of eligible items shipped and sold by Amazon.

Note: Credits can take a day or two to add to your account, so it’s best to use them sooner rather than later if you want them in time for Prime Day.

Amazon offers Prime members $ 10 credit to complete a promotional stamp card. (One activity involves spending $ 5, so it could be argued that this is actually a $ 5 credit.) All four activities include buying a Prime-eligible item worth $ 5 or more, playing a program on Prime Video, listening to a song on Prime Music and borrowing a free ebook. The instructions and exchange details are shown below. Please note that if you browse the page without completing step 2, you may not be eligible for promotion.

  1. Sign in to Amazon with your Prime account. A free 30-day trial is available for new members.
  2. Go to this page. Click Activate Stampcard. Amazon says, “If you browse this promotion page and do not confirm your participation by clicking”[Activate] your Stampcard ‘, you will not be able to participate in this promotion “.
  3. Collect the four stamps before the end of July 13th to receive your credit. Your credit will be applied directly to your Amazon account within 48 hours of completing your stamp card.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and click the button for a free $ 2 credit. There are a limited number of credits available each day, but more are added at 8pm Eastern time (5pm Pacific time). Stay tuned to this page and update quickly to try to protect yours.

You can get a $ 5 credit when you buy an Atom movie ticket for the movie Light year or purchase select Light year merchandise. You can also automatically get a $ 5 discount on concession purchases if you make a purchase with Amazon Pay. For the merchandising route, go here to see the eligible items, which start at $ 6.

To purchase the movie ticket, you will need to create an Atom account and use the coupon code LIGHT YEAR in the box. For the merchandise route, go here to see the eligible items, which start at $ 6. You can also automatically get a $ 5 discount on concession purchases if you make a purchase with Amazon Pay.

To get this credit, buy a ticket to see Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis in Atom and use the promo code ELVIS in the box. The credit expires at the end of the day on July 13th. purchase concessions? You may get another $ 5 discount when you make a purchase with Amazon Pay.

This promotion begins on July 12th. We are not fans of buying services now and paying later, as they can be predatory. But if you use Affirm regularly and plan to spend $ 100 or more on Prime Day, this is an easy way to get $ 25 of credit from Amazon.

Additional offers for selected accounts

The following offers are targeted to certain account types or by invitation only. Your mileage may vary, but if you are eligible, these could be good ways to get extra benefits.

Amazon gift card

Photography: Amazon

This offer is only valid for Prime members making a first time gift card or a balance top-up purchase. It begins on July 12 at 12:01 Eastern time. Add a $ 50 Amazon gift card to your cart and use the promo code during your purchase to get a $ 12.50 promotional credit. Alternatively, you can reload $ 50 to your Amazon account here. If you do not reload, you can email a gift card. This is only worth it if you plan to spend at least $ 50 on Amazon on Prime Day.

If you’ve never signed in to Amazon’s mobile app, you May be eligible for this promotion. You will get a $ 15 discount on your first $ 25 purchase and a $ 15 discount on your second purchase of $ 15 or more. This agreement expires on July 31.

Selected accounts can get a $ 20 discount on a $ 40 or more purchase by uploading a photo to Amazon Photos for the first time. It’s important to back up your photos, and Amazon Photos is a decent alternative to our favorite photo storage service, Google Photos. This credit can only be used on Prime Day, and is only worth it if you planned to switch to Amazon Photos anyway.

If you have a Discover card, you may be able to add it to your Amazon wallet and use the code 22DISCOVER20 to get $ 20 off a purchase of $ 20.01 or more. After adding it to your wallet, pay with the newly added card and use the promo code in the box to get the discount.

I can’t stress this enough: Do not apply for a credit card simply to get a $ 200 gift card. But if you’ve thoroughly researched this card and thought about applying for one, this promotion offers eligible customers a free $ 200 gift card once it’s approved.

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