How to Find Your Brand Magic and Magnify Your Message

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The magic is real. It’s here whether you want to believe it or not. In today’s world, as an entrepreneur, finding this brand magic will probably make the difference between building an amazing brand or just mixing without standing out from the crowd.

Finding the magic of your brand is about delving into the personality of your brand and finding out what will make people want to have a lasting relationship with your brand. How many times have you come across a brand that moves you, inspires you, or changes your mindset?

Did you know that Harvard professors say that 95% of purchasing decisions are unconscious? This means that people make emotional decisions most of the time. Therefore, if your brand does not evoke emotions in people, you may need to change your messaging and branding strategy. In this article, I will explain some simple steps to find your unique features and spread your message to the world.

Define the voice of your brand and make it unique

Let’s imagine for a moment that your brand is a person. How is this person? How does he or she react to bad jokes or sensitive issues? How does this person enter a room? Is she shy or is she the center of attention? How does this person conduct a conversation? What topics are they passionate about?

Here are just a few questions to get you started. But you should take this step further and understand how your humanized brand would behave in the real world. This will help you build your personality correctly and define a brand avatar that will help you in your future marketing strategies.

Then comes the part of making it unique. There are many different types of personalities. In fact, there are 16, according to the Myers-Briggs-type indicator, which is an introspective self-report questionnaire that indicates different psychological preferences and outlines different personality types. When it comes to understanding how to make your brand unique, it’s not just about saying “My brand personality is an ENTJ”. It’s about understanding what lifestyle habits and mindsets align with what you want your brand to promote.

For example, if you have an ethical brand, your brand personality is likely to be obsessed with the principles of sustainability, work ethic, and transparency. So once you’ve figured it out, here’s the fun part of building your brand personality and putting all the pieces together.

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Define your branding principles and make sure they are present in everything you do

This step may seem a little basic, but basic does not mean boring. The principles of your brand will define your business practices and your core marketing message. They will be the basic components of your powerful brand.

Like our example above, if transparency is one of the principles of your brand, it should be incorporated into everything your brand does, including transparency with your employees and the outside world. These branding principles will also describe your main message. Think of this basic message as your brand’s mission statement, and every time you create any new content or product, ask yourself: Is what I’m working on aligned with my brand principles? How does this connect to my brand? Am I being consistent with my core values?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” congratulations! You have a brand that is completely aligned with your mission. If not, think twice about your content strategy and rethink it until your message is powerful and impactful.

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Identify your brand magic and amplify it

You have reached the final step. You have a clear and powerful brand voice and compelling brand principles. Now all you have to do is add the icing on the cake to your marketing strategy. Your magic. But how do you find it? To me, I think your brand magic is your “surprise factor.”

It is that intangible energy that surrounds your brand. It is these creative words sprinkled on your copy that make people smile as they read something about you. It is the unique tone and angle that constantly builds up over time.

Think of your brand magic as a human personality that only grows and evolves year after year. It’s like when you suddenly turn 50 and you feel like an interesting person who has a unique way of opening a conversation with strangers or when you open a bottle of wine over 10 years old. The magic of your brand is this cherry on top of everything you do. It’s what gets people to relate to your brand and connect. It is your general essence and your sense of existence.

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Harness the power of ethical storytelling to spread magical content online

I have unlocked the basics for you to create a unique brand. Now, use these tips to spread your brand magic to your content across all your platforms.

Now more than ever, conscious consumers need an ethical narrative in their lives. With so many mental health issues, social injustice and unethical business practices, consumers are eager to receive positive messages from brands taking this extra step. Don’t be afraid to make bold statements or speak up and defend your principles in relevant conversations. The brands that are willing to set an example for future generations are the ones that will ultimately have the most impact in this world. And if you’re lucky, you’ll also drive change.

Imagine if your message could help people make different life decisions, pursue their dreams, or change their eating habits. What if you could change the lives of millions of people? Speak freely and introduce yourself to your people. Address social issues, talk about your ups and downs, and be transparent. Take off your leash and see how your powerful, ethical content will help you fly. It only happens if you believe in magic, of course.

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