How to Invest in a Tech-Powered Pharmacy That Aims to Upend the $480B Retail Industry

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Amazon can carry just about anything from an air mattress to a Nerf gun to bed bugs straight to your door in 24 hours. GrubHub can also land potstickers or sandwiches or a fresh salad in minutes. So why not get a reliable, fast door-to-door delivery of something you really need? Something like … prescription drugs?


This is where NowRx comes in. The technology-driven pharmacy chain offers an easy and hassle-free way to receive your prescriptions in hours at no extra cost. Founded in Northern California, NowRx has grown steadily to more than 8 locations and annual revenue of $ 25 million as of November. The company is now poised for rapid national expansion and attracting investors who see the promise of disrupting the $ 480 billion retail pharmacy industry.

The key to NowRx’s success? Proprietary software and robotics, in addition to minimal overheads that ultimately lead to a superior customer experience.

And this superiority is supported by both patients and doctors. Where other pharmacy delivery competitors have received an alarming number of 1-star Yelp reviews (80 percent Amazon Pill Pack and 32 percent Capsule), NowRx has received 1-star reviews less than 1 percent. one hundred times. In fact, NowRx’s eight locations currently have an incredible 5.0 rating from Yelp reviewers.

The NowRx model is surprisingly simple. It starts with patients or doctors sending a prescription to your local NowRx, just as they would any other pharmacy. However, unlike other pharmacies that use manual processes and old software, NowRx uses proprietary “QuickFill” pharmacy management software and dispensing robotics to receive, process, bottle, and dispense the prescription in less than 30 seconds, all at once which minimizes errors that cause delays such as insurance issues, poor communication with doctors, and so on.

Once NowRx confirms your order and address, they make an extra effort by offering free home delivery to the patient. It has been promised to be on your doorstep in two to four hours, or in just 60 minutes for a $ 5 fast order. In the meantime, the customer only pays their insurance copayment to receive this additional home delivery.

This intriguing recipe for success has already sparked huge interest in the company’s investment rounds, as more than 10,000 people have bought shares since they became available on SeedInvest in 2016. NowRx’s stock price has risen 1,650 percent and looks like it could. have much more room to grow.

In 2021, NowRx also expanded its offering to include telehealth services that show promising growth. From the first quarter to the third quarter, only telehealth services revenue experienced growth of 1,081 percent, providing another important growth path for the company.

NowRx seems ready for massive growth and could offer some investors a very promising opportunity as they seek to expand nationwide. The company is currently raising a record $ 73 million through crowdfunding on SeedInvest, and Investor Place recently highlighted the company as one of the top 7 startups to buy from now on the Internet.

You can also learn more about the NowRx investment opportunity through the company’s investment page here.

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