How to Use Microsoft Word for Free

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That said, they are still great for quick editing and document viewing. For example, if someone sent you a Word document that you need to view and you don’t want to pay for the full version of the software, you can easily access it with your phone. Alternatively, if you just need something to create simple, short, basic-formatted Word documents, the mobile phone app will work fine.

Have a family member pay

Family subscriptions can be shared with up to six people.

Microsoft through David Nield

You can get family plan deals from just about anywhere, from Apple to Spotify. The same goes for a Microsoft 365 subscription, so if you want to get all the benefits of Word (and Excel and PowerPoint) for free, you can consider asking someone else in your family to pay for the software.

See the Microsoft 365 plans page for the latest pricing. At the time of writing, you could receive an individual subscription for $ 69.99 per year or a family subscription for $ 99.99 per year. This family subscription covers up to six people, who can install Office applications on up to five devices.

You may need to use your persuasive powers to the fullest extent to get a family member to pay for access to Microsoft Office without paying anything, but you may have a particularly generous family around you, or you may be able to return the favor. ‘another way. At the very least, you’ll get Microsoft Word for much less money if you split the $ 100 annual fee in six different ways.

Use an alternative

Google Docs can save documents in Word format.

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It may seem like a trap to tell you to use an alternative in a guide on how to use Microsoft Word for free, but keep in mind that many of these alternatives are now perfectly comfortable with the same .docx file format as Word, and any The person you are sending or receiving files from should not know that you are not using Word. This means you don’t get lost if the rest of your classmates use Word and you don’t.

Of course, there is Google Docs, which is completely free and runs in a web browser, as well as in the mobile as an application. Although it does not have the scope and range of features that Microsoft Word has, especially when it comes to some design formats and options for longer documents, you can access it from any computer and sharing documents is very easy. .

When it comes to desktop software, there is the venerable OpenOffice, which includes a word processor and many other free applications. The office suite is available for both Windows and macOS. If you’re on a Mac, there are also Pages to consider, which is Apple’s free word processor.

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