How to Use the Canva T-Shirts Maker

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You know the pros and cons how to start a t-shirt business, but how are t-shirt designs created? In this article, we’ll show you how to use Canva T-Shirt Designer to create a professional-looking t-shirt.

We’ll cover everything from choosing the right template to adding text and graphics. So whether you’re just starting out or looking for ways to improve your existing t-shirt business, keep reading for some helpful tips!

What is Canva T-Shirt Maker?

With on-demand printing services growing in popularity, what is Canva just create an amazing easy-to-use graphic design tool that anyone can use to create amazing designs, regardless of their previous experience or skill level. One of the most popular features of Canva is the t-shirt maker, which allows users to design custom t-shirts with ease.

Why You Should Use Canva T-Shirt Manufacturer for Your Business

Canva T-Shirt Maker is an affordable and easy-to-use option that will help you create professional-looking designs with ease. And because it’s online, you don’t need to download or install any software.

  • It’s easy to use – Canva is already one of the easiest graphic design tools out there, and the t-shirt maker is no different. With easy-to-follow instructions and a variety of templates to choose from, you can create a professional-looking t-shirt in minutes.
  • It’s affordable – No need to buy expensive design software or equipment, Canva is a very affordable way to get started in the t-shirt business.
  • There is no learning curve – Because the Canva T-shirt maker is so easy to use, you don’t have to spend time learning how to use complex design software. This means you can start your t-shirt business right away!
  • You can stand out from the competition – With so many companies selling t-shirts, it’s important to find ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. Canva T-Shirt Maker lets you easily create unique designs that will make your T-shirts stand out from the rest.

How to Create a T-Shirt in Canva: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a t-shirt design in Canva is easy using one of its pre-designed templates. And it’s much cheaper than raising a graphic designer. Let’s follow the steps:

Step 1: Create a new design

Log in or sign in to your Canva account to create t-shirt designs. Then, at the top left of the screen, click “Features” and then “Custom T-Shirts.” This is part of Canva print, which allows you to create various print designs on demand.

Step 2: Start from scratch or use a template

Create your own t-shirt design and start with a blank canvas or start using one of Canva’s beautiful prefabricated designs. They have lots of templates to choose from in many different niches.

Step 3: Choose a template

If you decide to use a template, find one you like and click on it. Then click the “Customize This Template” button. This will add the template to your canvas area where you can start making changes.

Step 4: Rename the file

Create a new filename for your design at the top right of the screen. Give it a name that will make it easier for you to search Canva.

Step 5: Edit the template graphics

Delete unwanted graphics in your design by simply clicking on them and pressing delete or go back on the keyboard. You can add new graphics using the “Photos” and “Elements” sections, or even upload your own photos. Use the built-in removal tool if necessary. When you find the graphics you like, just drag and drop them onto your canvas.

Step 6: Edit the template font

If you want to edit the font of your design, click on the words you want to change. Click the letter box in the upper left corner of the screen. A large font selection panel will open. When you find the font you like, click on it.

Step 7: Adjust the image size and location

To move an image, click on it and drag it to the desired position. To resize the image, click and drag one of the corners to make it larger or smaller.

Step 8: Download your design

To download your new design, click “Share” at the top right, then click “Download.” If you have a Canva Pro account, you can select “Transparent background” for a PNG image. A transparent background makes your design look great with different t-shirt colors. Once you’ve set your options, click the “Download” button.

Step 9: Make your t-shirt designs at 300 DPI

To print t-shirts, designs must be in high resolution of 300 DPI. However, PNG images are downloaded to about 96 DPI from Canva. The quick and easy solution is to use the Clideo DPI converter.

Canva T-shirt design examples

There is a right way and a wrong way to create t-shirt designs. Here are four examples of amazing Canva designs.

All you need is love

This is a perfect design for cat lovers. It is a beautiful design brought to us by the talented designer yganko.

Stay cool everywhere

For all dog lovers, Craftidea he designed something really “great”. This design is sure to be a hit with dog owners.

Pursue your dreams

With this simple yet magnificent design, Vasia Kobelev share an important message to follow your dreams.

I am at work

Rodion Altynbaev He brings us a humorous fitness-themed T-shirt design with a snail that exercises at work.

Can t-shirts with Canva designs be sold?

The short answer is yes. However, your design must be an original creation created by you or someone you hired. You can’t just grab one of Canva’s templates, put it on a T-shirt or any other product, and sell it. This violates your Content License Agreement.

Image: Envato Elements

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