How to Watch the January 6 Hearing Online for Free

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The next audience The hearing of the select committee of the House on the January 6 insurrection will be broadcast at prime time on Thursday, July 21 at 5:00 pm in the Pacific, at 8:00 pm in the East. You don’t need a cable subscription to tune in: this official presentation of what the committee found during their investigation is free for everyone.

WIRED’s continued coverage of the January 6 attack in Washington, DC includes the role played by Google’s geolocation data when police arrested the mutineers and how the committee’s hearings are designed to capture your attention.

How to see the next hearing on January 6th

If you have access to TV channels like ABC, CBS and NBC, or news channels like CNN and MSNBC, parts of the committee’s next hearing are expected to be broadcast live. (Remember that most broadcast channels can be broadcast for free with the help of a digital antenna.)

Want to see the audience on your computer or smartphone? The January 6 committee’s YouTube channel subscription is probably the best option to see all the information as it is presented live. Have you missed the previous seven audiences? You can watch all the January 6 audiences again without any expert or interruption on this YouTube channel.


This content can also be seen where it comes from.

What should you expect?

During a recent interview with “Face the Nation,” Adam Kinzinger, a Republican representative and part of the bipartisan committee, said, “I’ll give you this preview. The president didn’t do much, but he happily watched television during that period. time. ”

According to CNN, Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews are two of the people who will testify Thursday. Pottinger was Trump’s deputy national security adviser until he resigned abruptly after the riots. Matthews was Trump’s assistant press officer; he also resigned on the night of January 6th.

About a week before the next hearing, the committee issued a subpoena to the Secret Service about deleted text messages. Hearing number eight is expected to be the committee’s final presentation. Analyzing previous hearings, WIRED contributing editor Garrett M. Graff wrote: “Overall, the committee has drawn a much more organized and consistent picture of the administration’s efforts than most imagined. that existed “.

Police have already arrested hundreds of people in connection with the riots in the capital. It is still unclear whether Trump will face criminal charges. With Attorney Thomas Windom at the helm, the Justice Department is investigating Trump’s role in the insurgency that followed his failed presidential candidacy. Reports from Rolling rock suggests Trump feels the heat, and possible prosecution is a motivating factor for the former president to throw his hat back in the ring.

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