Hyundai will develop two vehicles with robotic legs that look like something out of a science fiction movie

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Experimentation is part of it innovation . Sometimes it is necessary to put on the table ideas that may seem strange or impossible to create something new and different. In 2019, Hyundai presented a concept with the name of Elevate that caught his eye at the time: a vehicle with folding and articulated robotic legs that are also equipped with tires, which would allow it to advance in virtually any terrain. In 2021, the South Korean company introduced TIGER another conceptual vehicle with characteristics very similar to those of the Lift up but designed for transporting equipment and not passengers, plus it can be attached to a module with blades that would allow it to fly.


Through a statement, Hyundai announced that it has opened a laboratory within the Montana State University (MSU) , located in the city of Bozeman, to advance the development of technology and make vehicles a reality. The company plans to invest $ 20 million and hire 50 researchers for the project.

The division in charge of creating the vehicles is called the Hyundai New Horizons Studio (NHS) and its director, Dr. John Suh, commented: “Bozeman is a rich and affordable micropolitan city. Located close to dozens of more all-terrain trails. With 150 miles of terrain and access to the mountains for testing, it’s the perfect fit for our new research and development lab “.

Although they may seem strange and out of a sci-fi movie, vehicles like the Elevate and the TIGER could play an important role in rescue missions in dangerous territory or during natural disasters and be of great help in future missions. space on Mars or the Moon.

In these videos you can see how prototypes work.

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