Investing In Innovation, Robotics, AI and Healthcare

In today’s show, Kate talks to Bill Studebaker, President and CEO of ROBO Global ETFs, an indexing, consulting and research firm focused on fast-growing industries such as robotics and intelligence. artificial and sanitary technology.
In this interview, Kate and Bill discuss:
What makes robotics and I / O declining faster than the wider market?
How have current events put technology companies in the eye of the storm?
As Bill’s Theft Index trades on earnings and is designed in this way to withstand an economic storm.
Why can companies in the field of automation recover due to the large order book? Does this mean that certain stocks are incorrectly priced at this time?
Which industries will benefit from greater automation?
How did the various developments around Covid give a boost to logistics and supply chain automation?
Will Consumers Drive the Next Round of Demand in the Supply Chain Automation Industry?
How is healthcare robotics providers transforming healthcare?
Which company in Bill’s portfolio allows Amazon to track and manage an ever-increasing order flow?
What other company is a leader in the growing area of ​​warehouse management solutions?
What does Bill expect to see from the profits of the theft index companies this year?
How should retail investors approach the robotics and automation industry without getting caught up in the hype?
Actions mentioned in this interview:
Fanuc (FANUY)
Teradyne (TER)
Intuitive Surgery (ISRG)
Zebra Technologies (ZBRA)
Manhattan Associates (MANH) – MarketBeat


ROBO Global Robotics & Automation ETF (ROBO)

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