Is Tom Brady a fit with the Las Vegas Raiders?

The NFL quarterback carousel will rage again in a few weeks, and the only seven-time Super Bowl winner in league history will once again be one of the top prizes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady will become a free agent at the end of the season. And just one week after rejecting Derek Carr, the Las Vegas Raiders are making Brady their top target this offseason, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Colin Cowherd initially questioned whether the Raiders would be the best team for Brady.

“It’s not a perfect fit if Tom Brady was going there,” Cowherd said on Thursday’s “The Herd.” “Josh McDaniels, he’s comfortable with him and Brady likes comfort, but he’s never proven to be a successful head coach. There are a lot of critics of Josh McDaniels’ game management. They’ve lost a lot of big leads this year.

“The defense, the secondary has been a mess. Their first pick should be a cornerback. Their second pick should be a safety. The secondary has been a mess. The offensive line is good, not great, but it’s between the first 12 and 13 of the league.”

The Raiders top priority is signing Tom Brady

The Raiders top priority is signing Tom Brady

However, Cowherd admitted the Raiders are good in the right areas when he did a little more research, believing they could actually be the best fit for Brady.

“The Raiders are the opposite of the Colts,” Cowherd said. “They have holes, but they check the right boxes. Left tackle Kolton Miller, he’s a good starter. They have a star receiver (Davante Adams) and a star running back (Maxx Crosby). Brady would be the star quarterback. They have an offensive head coach in 2022. So the boxes are ticked.”

With the Raiders having the right guys in the right spots, Cowherd believes they have a slight edge in signing Brady over the team that botched their attempts to sign him in the past.

“I guess the Raiders,” Cowherd said of who he thinks will be Brady’s next team. “They play indoors, too. It’s nice. Tom has a lot of wealth and there’s no state tax in Nevada. I think the [Patrick] Muhammad, [Justin] Herbert’s subject is a little discouraging. It’s Miami or the Raiders. I’d say I’m leaning 51 percent Raiders based on the Las Vegas Review-Journal story. It looks like the Raiders are going to go after Brady hard.”

Colin and Jason McIntyre predict where Tom Brady and Derek Carr will play in 2023

Colin and Jason McIntyre predict where Tom Brady and Derek Carr will play in 2023

Not only does Cowherd think the Raiders hold the pole position for Brady, he thinks they’re in an all-around advantage. Carr will receive $40 million guaranteed for the 2023 season on Feb. 15, just three days after the Super Bowl. But as the Las Vegas Review-Journal story points out, the Raiders and Carr could agree to some sort of renegotiation that would make it easier to trade Carr and land him at a preferred destination.

If the Raiders are able to find a way to trade Carr without having to give him the big guarantee, Cowherd believes the return they’ll get for him would help their cause to get Brady even more.

“I also think the Raiders will have a second- or third-round pick for Derek Carr,” Cowherd said. “You’re going to tell me that Derek Carr, to help stabilize the New York Jets, isn’t worth a second- or third-round pick? Second- or third-round picks, 30 percent of them are busts. Derek Carr it will not be a failure.

“Remember, the teams that would want Derek Carr — Indy, the Jets, maybe Houston — the bad teams, or the teams that aren’t going to make the playoffs, their season is over on Tuesday. You’ve got five weeks … I think it’s doable. I think it’s going to happen. I think bad teams have a lot of time.”

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