Jerry Jones: Wild-card loss wouldn’t impact Mike McCarthy’s job

Is Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy training for his job Monday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

That was the question he asked Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on 103.5 The Fan Tuesday before Dallas’ wild-card game against Tom Brady and the Bucs.

“No,” Jones quickly replied when asked the question. “I don’t even want to … no. I don’t need to go into all the pros and cons, but I have a lot more to evaluate Mike McCarthy than this playoff game.”

Monday’s game will mark McCarthy’s second playoff tilt with Dallas after missing the postseason in his first year with the team and dropping a controversial 23-17 thriller against San Francisco last January.

After this aforementioned disappointment, most of the controversy centered around McCarthy himself. The ‘Boys’ comeback attempt was cut short when the team couldn’t get a hit and the clock ran out as the 49ers advanced to the NFC divisional round.

While McCarthy was given another chance to right his wrongs this season, many believe he is running out of room for error.

“How is it justified to keep it [if the Cowboys lose]Shannon Sharpe reflected on Wednesday’s airing of “Undisputed.” “His first year there you missed the playoffs. Last year, you were one-and-done in the playoffs. … Jerry Jones always talks about the staff, the talent he’s put together. … Here’s what he said last year after losing to the 49ers: ‘I’m extremely disappointed. I’m very disappointed, disappointed for our fans. This is a huge disappointment, they outplayed us.’

“You had a very good record last year, you had a very good record this year, you went to the end. You lost in the first round last year at home. You lose in the first round this year by sub-.500 .equipment, how do you justify keeping it?… [Jerry], you and Stephen tell me you have Super Bowl talent! … I’m just trying to figure out what you’re evaluating [McCarthy] on if you are not evaluating him to win in the playoffs. … You’re going to go down there and lay an egg on an 8-9 team, and then you’re going to say ‘Mike McCarthy, everything’s good.'”

Skip Bayless agreed with Sharpe’s sentiments, but said he believed wholeheartedly that Jones was in McCarthy’s corner.

Jerry Jones has ‘full confidence’ in Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy

Jerry Jones has

Jerry Jones said a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wouldn’t cost Mike McCarthy his job.

“I’m always at a loss for Jerry’s words,” expressed Bayless, “because I know him very, very well. I don’t understand him.

“You know how I’ve felt from the beginning about his man: he’s a fraud,” she said of McCarthy. “He’s a product of Aaron Rodgers … He wasn’t expected to do anything because they were the bottom seed … and then they came to Jerry’s World and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers … McCarthy is made of straw. I don’t know what he is.from the bottom of my heart still to this day i don’t know what he does..i think he’s a good guy and i think he’s fun to be around..jerry really likes him not like the son proverbial… but like a brother.

“That’s all you need to know is that he makes Jerry Jones happy. . . . He’s not calling plays, he’s not a motivational speaker, he’s the opposite. He’s like hitting a log during games. He’s looking at the scoreboard and I’m thinking “somebody wake him up!” Jerry says, “I can’t tell you how much confidence I have in Mike. Right now they are on top of where we are with this team. They have all the nuances. Dead time! All the nuances?”.

Jones may have exaggerated McCarthy’s knowledge of his team’s nuances, but the Boys owner would be happy to replace some lost nuances with a win on Monday, which will be no easy task.

Despite Tampa Bay’s 8-9 record and continued struggles throughout the campaign, Brady has owned the Cowboys throughout his 23-year playing career. The future Hall of Fame QB is 7-0 all-time against Dallas, including a 2-0 mark as a member of the Bucs.

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