Kind Stranger Brings Starbucks Barista to Tears in Life-Changing Interaction

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TikTok via @charlie

TikTok via @charlie

A TikTok user changed the life of a Starbucks bartender in a TikTok video that has gone viral shedding light on mental health struggles and the power to tell one’s own story.

TikTok user Charlie Rocket posted a video where a girl (passing by @Perri at TikTok) and her friend are passing by a Starbucks car and ask the bartender named Manny what her dream is at life.

He tells the girls he wants to buy a car, which will cost about $ 1,000.

Manny also says he’s been struggling with depression, and the driver tells him he could “see him around.”

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The two girls go to buy flowers and a toy car that they hide $ 1,000 inside before returning to Starbucks to visit the barista again and give him the surprise of his life.

@charlie Wow that made me cry. You never know what’s going on #fypp #positivity #starbucks ♬ Lights Are On – Tom Rosenthal

“I’ve never had flowers before,” Manny says touchingly before opening the box with the money and bursting into tears instantly. “I had suicidal thoughts today and I don’t feel like waking up.”

“You’re very dear,” Perri tells him. “The light will shine on your face again.”

The touching video has garnered a whopping 27.5 million views and more than 5.7 million likes.

Users of the comments were stunned by Manny’s honesty and Perri’s kindness.

“You just saved a life,” one TikToker wrote. “Kindness is key guys.”

“He will never forget that moment,” another said. “Bless him”

Hundreds of users wrote that they were “moved to tears” and “crying,” which caused other people to share their struggles with mental health and show their support for Manny.

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“From someone who struggled with depression and anxiety,” one user wrote. “Thank you for fighting every day. I promise there will be better days.”

The TikTok account also posted a link to a fundraiser to help Manny with a new car.

“Manny is a high school bartender at Starbucks who is facing a battle with depression and anxiety. He takes the bus to work every day because he can’t afford to pay for a car.” “We started the donations by giving him $ 1,000, but to get a good car we set a goal of raising $ 10,000.”

The goal of the page was set at $ 15,000, but by Wednesday afternoon, he had surpassed it by raising more than $ 28,000 for the barista.

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