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Leadership is part of management and management is part of leadership. Both are equally important when managing or running a business or any organization. Leadership is one of the skills required for a successful person or businessperson.

In sports, good leadership can turn a losing team into a winning team before the season is over. For companies with a product, good leadership will guide employees to manage their time properly, meet their delivery dates or product specifications, and increase productivity and efficiency. There are several online leadership courses to keep you up to date with the latest trends in leadership. Here is a list of the best online leadership courses.

Leadership courses

Think like a leader with Brian Tracy

Think like a Leader is a course prepared by a veteran with over 3 decades of experience in business development, including public speaking and leadership. The course will show you how to design and monitor your business goals. Training focuses on communication, strategic planning, leadership mindset and influencing others. The course contains 3 hours of video conferences and 9 downloadable resources. The course contains 62 lectures distributed in 10 sections such as:

  • Leaders are made, not born
  • integrity
  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • courage

Simple Game Theory Strategies for Leaders and Managers!

Based on one of the world’s famous theories, Game Theory, Simple Game Theory Strategies elaborates its concept, strategies and applications. The lesson has 3 hours of video lectures, 9 downloadable resources and an article. In these 3 hours, the course is divided into 50 master classes divided into 6 sections that include:

  • Introductions: to the course, to the instructor and to the psychology of leadership
  • Some simpler games: fair distribution
  • The power of the prisoner’s dilemma
  • Equity, cooperation, ethics and morals
  • The value, formula, process, examples and applications of Shapely

Develop your team – Training for execution

In this Developing Your Team course, you will learn the fundamentals and processes of building a team. The lessons also guide you in developing charts and scorecards to help keep your team motivated. In this class, there are 2 hours of video lectures and 4 downloadable resources. The 2-hour video contains 28 lectures spread over 8 sections including:

  • Characteristics of high performance teams and cultures
  • Organize your team
  • Stages of team development
  • Keep score and motivation
  • Problem solving and continuous improvement

Leadership: Practical leadership skills

Leadership: The Practical Leadership Skills course teaches academic theories of leadership and how to apply them in your workplace. In addition, you will be able to develop your time management, team motivation and personal happiness. You will find 2.5 hours of video conferencing and 7 downloadable resources. With video resources of 2 hours and 51 minutes duration. The lessons are divided into 43 lectures in 7 sections such as:

  • What is a leader?
  • motivation
  • Leadership style part 1
  • delegate
  • Leadership style part 2

The science of leadership

The Science of Leadership takes care of the anatomy of leadership to help you improve your communication and leadership skills. It offers a revolutionary leadership model for managing yourself and managing others. This NASBA CPA accredited course contains 3 hours of video resources, 2 articles, and 2 downloadable resources. There are 34 lectures in the 3-hour long videos categorized into 6 sections, with:

  • Introduction (The Science Behind Leadership)
  • our brain
  • Our genetic programming,
  • Our previous experience
  • Our environment/context

Lean leadership skills, Lean Culture and Lean Management

Lean Leadership Skills, Lean Culture and Lean Management guide you through the implementation of continuous improvement and Lean culture (Toyota Production System) in your workplace. The Lean Leadership Skills course consists of 6.5 hours of video lectures and 26 downloadable resources. You will find over 6 1/2 hours of video resources covering 81 lectures in 7 sections including:

  • Introduction to leadership and Lean culture
  • The skinny man’s house
  • Lean culture, principles and practices
  • The Lean Leader’s Job: Challenge and Serve
  • The habits of continuous improvement – ​​The Kata team

Resilience leadership

Starting with what resilience is, Resilience Leadership explains why you need resilience in our workplace and guides you in designing resilience tools and skills. This package contains 2 hours of video lectures and 27 downloadable resources. By the end of this online leadership course, you will be able to mentor anyone on your team and assess their resilience. Consisting of 43 lectures with a total of 2 hours of videos, the course is divided into 6 sections such as:

  • Basic concepts of resilience
  • Modeling resilience
  • Mentoring resilience
  • Fostering team resilience
  • next steps

Female leadership

Specially prepared for women in the business world, the Women’s Leadership course is a step-by-step guide to developing and controlling your personal brand as a leader. The Duke University professor shows elements of executive presence, effective communication, and how to leverage body language to get others to pay attention. The lessons have one hour of video conferencing and 6 downloadable resources. The course contains 24 lectures divided into 6 sections that include:

  • Your brand as a leader
  • Cultivating executive presence
  • Communicate with influence
  • Develop your long-term career
  • Conclusion (forward momentum)

Management – Leadership, Negotiation, Assertiveness, Sales

The course Management: Leadership, Negotiation, Assertiveness, Sales goes through all the elements of management as a professional. You will develop organizational and communication skills and increase your confidence. The course details all the techniques and tools that will guide your skills in time management, leadership, motivation, sales and negotiation. Plus, you’ll be taught how to be assertive and keep your projects on track and on budget. In the 2-hour video resources, there are 95 lectures spread over 10 sections, including:

  • assertiveness
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • sales
  • leadership

Leadership: The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Emotional intelligence plays an important role in managing all professional and personal interactions. Leadership: The emotionally intelligent leader will teach you how to manage yourself and others with maximum emotional intelligence to produce the best possible outcome. In addition, you will understand the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and its applications. The course consists of 5 hours of video conferences, 15 downloadable resources and 12 articles. The program has a total of 5 hours and 17 minutes of videos containing 102 lectures in 13 sections including:

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Understanding energy
  • Understanding behavioral preferences: your preferences and those of others
  • The leader as coach
  • Leadership and conflict resolution

Although most business ideas, startups and products have genuine quality, they will never thrive in the market due to lack of and sometimes non-existent leadership. Good leadership can turn a small business or startup into a Time Magazine cover story. And what do these publications always show on their covers, leaders of different organizations, companies and personalities from different walks of life. Leadership is the differentiating factor.

Large companies such as NASDAQ, Volkswagen and NetApp have offered these courses to their employees. Udemy is constantly offering discounts and special offers, so prices are subject to change.

How much does a leadership course cost?

Online leadership courses cost an average of $80. Udemy courses often have discounts and special offers, so there’s a chance you’ll get a better deal. When you purchase the course, you’ll receive lifetime access (including updates) and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are there certifications for social media marketing?

Upon completion, you will be issued a verifiable certificate of completion.

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