Learn a New Language at Your Own Pace With Lingoda

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The world is your oyster. But, are you ready to look beyond your own backyard when it comes to finding the pearl? If you’re planning a summer getaway that includes flying abroad, or if your business requires you to communicate with international people, why not invest first time in learning a new language or two with Lingoda?


Lingoda is an online language school that does not use pre-recorded lessons or unique materials to help you learn. Instead, it is run by professional teachers and native speakers who are fluent in each of the languages ​​on offer: Spanish, French, German, English and Business English.

Each class lasts 60 minutes and you will learn everything from basic concepts like greetings, numbers and days of the week to navigation queries, adjectives and more. But you will not only learn words and phrases. Lingoda classes are designed to give you time to speak in the language you are absorbing and practice your pronunciation. You will also have the opportunity to train your ears to capture different accents, with more than 1,600 international teachers with regional dialects and unique ways of speaking.

You will also receive personalized feedback during each session, as you work with students from around the world at each stage of the learning process. In addition, you can interact with all teachers during each live lesson and ask questions to help you better understand each language building block. Get real-world examples of how words are used, talk to other students, and use each session to gain valuable experience that a book can’t offer.

Learning does not stop when the class ends. Study the class summaries and annotated PDFs of your teachers to better retain what you have learned. Also, do homework for each lesson and do self-study sessions to broaden your horizons. Check out the Lingoda blog during downtime for additional resources and tips. There is no limit to what you can learn, and you can do everything as long as you are prepared, with no frustrating schedules to remember.

Whether you want to be fluent in your chosen language efficiently or just want to get into a new language, Lingoda can help you achieve those goals. Take the first step to break down the language barrier between world culture and start learning today.

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