Learn Linux for Less Than $50 and Boost Your Resume With Certification Prep

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All entrepreneurs want to run their business efficiently and keep their employees happy. Especially in the world of remote work, we are all trying to find ways to avoid exhaustion and feel more productive and efficient.


Well, this can be more than just a pizza. It could be improved by switching to an open source operating system like Linux. However, if you are considering switching from Windows or Mac, you better know your stuff, and the Linux Professional Institute (LPIC) certified administrator and engineer certification package will be a great asset for you.

This four-course package focuses on four certification exams and is led by iCollege, one of the most trusted markets for e-learning. Founded in 2003, iCollege now spans three continents and has taught students in more than 120 countries some of the most sought-after technology skills. Leading Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 organizations rely on iCollege to keep their employees at the forefront.

In this package, you will work to be able to pass LPIC-1 Linux Administrator (101-500), LPIC-1 Linux Administrator (102-500), LPIC-2 Linux Engineer (201-450) and LPIC-2 Linux Engineer (202-450 ) on the first try.

What does it mean? It means that you will start with maintaining the command line and learn how to install and configure a Linux machine. You will establish a basic network and understand the architecture of the Linux system. You can customize and use the shell environment, write simple scripts, and automate system administration tasks by scheduling tasks. In addition, you can troubleshoot resource usage issues, predict future resource needs, configure virtual servers in Apache, and more.

If you want to operate a Linux system, the Linux Professional Institute (LPIC) Certified Administrator and Engineer Certification Package is your ticket to success. Get it today for just $ 49.

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