Learn the World’s Most Popular Programming Language

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In 2022, the most popular programming language in the world is one that has been around for decades. Surprised? Python has stood the test of time while remaining massively scalable, eminently easy to use, and so purposeful that it is trusted to create everything from websites to machine learning algorithms.


If you want to learn how to program, Python is a good place to start. And the full Python 2022 programmer package can help you get started. This eight-course package has a broad Python approach, starting with the basics before delving into a number of specific use cases.

To get started, you will understand the basic functionality of Python and start working with basic data structures. You’ll use basic Python structures like strings, lists, and dictionaries, and you’ll start writing Python scripts to perform automated actions. You will use basic programming tools such as functions and loops, use variables to store information, and more. In the meantime, you will become familiar with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and start creating programs with Python.

As you level up, you’ll learn about language constructions and explore concepts such as generators, decorators, callbacks, higher-order features, context managers, and more. You will also understand parallel and asynchronous programming before entering any of the practical, more specific and practical courses.

In these courses, you’ll explore Python’s GUI, CGI, network, email, and XML programming. You will learn how to use Python for spatial analysis in ArcGIS, create multi-armed bandit algorithms, learn how to make a Python ReportLab, and learn the basics of web scraping with Python. Through all these hands-on courses, you will discover the vast array of Python applications and begin to develop professional-grade skills.

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