Mahomes, Hurts hope to ‘inspire’ in first Super Bowl with two Black QBs

History will be made in Super Bowl LVIl.

With the HeadsPatrick Mahomes and the eaglesJalen hurts leading their respective teams, Sunday’s game will be the first Super Bowl to feature two black starting quarterbacks.

Several Chiefs and Eagles players noted the significance of the feat on opening night of the Super Bowl on Monday. Naturally, the conversation started with Mahomes and Hurts.

“I have a lot of respect for the guys that came before me and laid the foundation,” Mahomes said. “There are a lot of other greats that fought to get that starting position. So I was given the position to be here.”

Mahomes also congratulated his counterpart as he said he hopes the two can do what quarterbacks like Doug Williams did before him.

“Playing against a guy like Jalen, a genuine, genuine guy who has worked to be in the position he’s in, it’s going to be a special game and a special moment for a lot of kids to look up to and try to take on that role that we’re in. trying to lead by example,” Mahomes said.

Hurts also credited the black quarterbacks who came before him and helped pave the way for him and Mahomes.

“You think about all the rich history of this game, and to be a part of such a historic event, such a historic moment, it’s special,” Hurts said. “There have been so many quarterbacks before me, including Pat, who have helped set the stage for me to have this opportunity. Seven African-American quarterbacks have started in this game and now is the first time there are two matchups.”

Hurts hopes Super Bowl LVII can help inspire kids across the country.

“This is building the next generation of quarterbacks,” Hurts said. “That 4- or 5-year-old kid back in Houston, back in Philly, in Texas, Louisiana and anywhere in the world, that no matter what anyone says or may have an opinion about you, you can do it. You can too do it

“I value the platform I have and I’m sure Pat does too, so we just want to inspire the next people.”

Jalen Hurts in SB LVII being the first with two black starting quarterbacks

Jalen Hurts in SB LVII being the first with two black starting quarterbacks

Eagles’ Jalen Hurts discusses the importance of having two black starting QBs in the Super Bowl.

Hurts’ teammate and Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown isn’t surprised to see two black quarterbacks face off in the Super Bowl, but he thinks it’s important.

“It means a lot to have two black quarterbacks in this league playing at a high level,” Brown said. “I think Patrick Mahomes is 27 and Jalen Hurts is 24, so that says a lot about those two. They work at their craft every day and keep trying to get better. So hats off to both of them.”

AJ Brown on Mahomes vs. Hurts

AJ Brown on Mahomes vs. Hurts

Eagles’ AJ Brown discusses the history of Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts facing off in the Super Bowl.

Several players on both sides showed respect for how well Hurts and Mahomes played the position. Chiefs star defensive tackle Chris Jones believes Hurts is the engine of the Eagles’ high-flying offense.

“Jalen Hurts proved this year that he’s one of the best dynamic, dual-threat quarterbacks in this league,” Jones said. “Behind that offensive line and what AJ Brown and what [DeVonta] Smith as wide receivers, they have been one of the best offenses in the league. That speaks volumes for itself.”

Haason Reddick, the Eagles’ star running back, knows the dual-threat ability Mahomes has, even with an injured ankle.

“When it comes to Patrick Mahomes, man, he’s a tremendous talent,” Reddick said. “I don’t know if you can contain him. I don’t know, he’s that good. I’m not going to lie, he is. All you can do is go out there and give it everything you’ve got. This is the last game of the year , so go out there and give it everything you’ve got, empty the tank and see where you end up as soon as the final bell rings.

“But Pat, it’s his team. He’s the playmaker, everything goes through him. He’s a great talent. Man, I love his game. He’s a great player.”

Reddick accepting the challenge of defending Mahomes

Reddick accepting the challenge of defending Mahomes

Eagles linebacker Hasson Reddick doesn’t know if it’s possible to contain Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

If Reddick, who has 19.5 sacks during the regular season and playoffs, can beat Mahomes, it will mean something more to the Pro Bowler.

“To fire him, man, in the Super Bowl, that would be crazy,” Reddick said. “He’s one of the quarterbacks in the league that I haven’t been able to sack yet. If I can get to him and make it to the Super Bowl, that will be historic for me.”

Reddick on Mahomes sack at SB: ‘This is going to be historic for me’

Reddick on Mahomes firing at SB:

Patrick Mahomes is an NFL quarterback Eagles quarterback Haason Reddick says should still be fired.

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