Marriott’s Been Hacked 7 Times

Marriott has been hacked, again.

According to a DataBreaches report, hackers obtained about 20 GB of data from a hotel server at a BWI Airport Marriott in Maryland, including confidential information such as credit card numbers and booking details.

Marriott, however, says most of the data violated was “insensitive internal business files regarding the operation of the property,” according to Engadget.

The intention was to blackmail the hotel chain with the data, but Marriott refused to give in, and while the hackers were initially in communication with Marriott, the chain eventually shook their hand.

“We are the ones who organized this leak and they were communicating with us,” a spokesman for the hacker group told DataBreaches. “We were acting as a RedHat organization and they stopped communicating with us.”

The hackers obtained the data by gaining access to the computer of a Marriott associate and then gathered the documents from a shared file server.

Marriott added that “there is no evidence that the threat actor had access beyond the files to which this associate had access.” Still, Marriott said it will report the 300-400 people whose personal information was obtained during the breach, most of whom were former employees, the hotel chain told Engadget.

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This is not the first time Marriott has been vulnerable to a cyberattack. When DataBreaches first received notice of the breach, his first thought was, “Really?”

Since 2010, Marriott has suffered at least seven data breaches, one of which affected about 383 million guests and resulted in a $ 100 million class action lawsuit in Canada and a £ 18.4 million fine for the Office of the UK Information Commissioner.

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