May Is the Perfect Time to Develop Your Business Idea and Launch a Startup

The first week of May is National Small Business Week, where we celebrate entrepreneurs and recognize all the hard work it takes to start a business.

Many people in the United States have a business idea or entrepreneurial aspirations, but not everyone takes action. For some, this inaction is simply due to not knowing the essential steps to start a business. Although each startup process looks a little different, this post provides a basic guide.

How to start a business: step by step guide

Once you’ve decided to start a business, it’s time to get organized. Normally, the launch is not done overnight; you have to think about everything from legal paperwork to marketing. Therefore, it is useful to divide these tasks into manageable items in the to-do list. This checklist provides a great starting point for those just starting out.

A 30-point checklist for your startup

Most companies require a certain level of investment from the founding team. However, it is not always possible to dedicate tons of resources to your startup. Fortunately, there are options for starting a business without any financial commitment, from keeping up with your day job to looking for investors. Here are some tips to get you started without your own funding.

Checklist: How to Start a Business Without Money

Whether you plan to seek financing, start up or start without significant resources, it is important to understand what your business idea can cost. Every business has different needs for things like location, inventory, and licensing. Therefore, this home calculator can help you delve into your own financial reality before you begin.

Boot calculator

Putting your finances in order is just one part of running a new business. Your business idea is perhaps the most important factor contributing to your potential success. Here’s a complete guide to developing your idea and making sure it’s ready for launch.

Develop an idea

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