Meta Announces New Ways for Creators to Monetize Facebook and Instagram

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Meta recently announced that they are expanding the ways creators can make money on Facebook and Instagram.

Meta announces new ways for creators to monetize Facebook and Instagram

Meta also stated that they will expand their commitment not to charge commissions on subscriptions, badges, paid online events and newsletter one more year. Now, the state without commissions will continue until January 1, 2024.

Facebook stars are now open to all eligible creators

Part of the monetization expansion includes Facebook Stars, which until now was only available to selected testers. The “digital good” allows fans to buy and send support to their favorite creators and is now open to all eligible creators on Facebook Live and on-demand videos. It will soon also be available on Facebook Reels.

Eligibility criteria require creators to have at least 1,000 followers in the last 60 days. They must also comply with partner monetization policies and content monetization policies. There are also location restrictions, as not all countries are eligible at this time, but the United States is one of the markets that is.

More Facebook Reels Earnings Opportunities

On the About FB website, Meta explained the new revenue opportunities for Facebook Reels, saying, “Last year we announced our Facebook Reels Play bonus program, which offers creators the opportunity to make money with Facebook creating and sharing Eligible Public Reels So far, this has only been available to selected creators by invitation only. We will soon open an application process for U.S. creators [certain] criteria ”.

Criteria for creators require that they have five or more original reels created in the last 30 days, in addition to more than 100,000 reproductions in the last 30 days. They must also comply with partner monetization policies and content monetization policies.

Meta also explained that they are testing ways in which creators can make money on both Instagram and Facebook with Reels Crossed. It will be using the “Paid With Partnerships” tag for branded content on Facebook Reels, which will allow sponsors to easily convert them into branded content ads.

“We will soon start testing Creator Marketplace on Instagram, where brands and creators can more easily create branded content partnerships,” Meta added. “Creators will be able to indicate the brands and topics they are interested in creating branded content, discover opportunities to partner with examined brands, and manage their brand offerings without ever leaving the app. We’ll also start testing the in-app payments, so brands can pay creators for branded content directly via Instagram when a project is complete.

“Brands will also be able to discover and collaborate with Instagram creators through Meta Business Suite using demographic and interest filters for both a creator and their audience. When they find a creator they want to collaborate with. to work, they will be able to send a project that describes the details of the opportunity, including the deliveries and the payment offered “.

Availability of digital collecting

Meta is also expanding its digital collectibles test on Instagram to more creators and some additional countries. Now, more creators and collectors will be able to share their digital collectibles on Facebook and Instagram once the feature is installed on Facebook with a few U.S. creators.

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