Multiple Grants From $5,000 to $20,000 and More Available For Small Businesses Nationwide

In this week’s summary, there are multiple opportunities for small businesses to apply for grants ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000 and more. These grants come from public and private organizations that seek to help small businesses across the country. Given the current economic conditions facing homeowners, these funds will provide timely support to keep their business running until the economy enters the path of recovery. Especially when it comes to inflation and supply chain issues that affect higher prices in general. Take a look at the many opportunities available in grants.

As for the private side of the grants, State Farm is launching a program through its partnership with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. The grant will focus its efforts on 12 metropolitan areas in the United States. Additional grants are also available for retail, local manufacturing, small business investment projects, technological advancement, marketing costs, and more. Read on to learn more about these opportunities.

Don’t miss the May deadline for these grants, which are already available in many cities. From $ 2,500 grants for micro-enterprises to $ 5,000, $ 7,500, $ 10,000 and more, these are great opportunities to apply for before the end of the month. It is important to note that grants have a number of requirements for their applicants, and the due date is one of the most important. So make sure you always apply as soon as possible to give yourself a better chance.

There are also grants for women and small business owners across the country. From parent-owned businesses to blacks, Asians, First Nations, and others, these grants seek to help neglected entrepreneurs. Grants of $ 500,000 to $ 25,000 are now available.

If you are in a state of drought that is currently occurring and has been declared a disaster disaster area, you can apply for an economic disaster loan (EIDL loan). The SBA has added several states to the west, so look and see if you live in one of these disaster areas before applying.

On a related topic, the Small Business Administration budget has been increased for fiscal year 2023. And when it comes to providing funding for small business owners, the new budget has increased lending authority of the SBA at $ 6.5 billion. This is good news for first-time business owners and those looking to improve and expand their operations.

Small Business News Summary: May 6, 2022

Take a look at what’s happening in the small business world in the rest of this week’s summary:

Snapchat launches Pixy, the companion drone that fits in your pocket

Snap Inc., the US social media camera and developer that develops technology products and services, such as Snapchat, has launched Pixy. Snapchat launches Pixy, the pocket-sized drone mate Hailed as a “friendly flying camera,” the pocket-sized drone can record and capture photos while flying around a subject.

Amazon ends up with

Amazon has removed from May 1, 2022, the service that provides web traffic analysis. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, acquired Alexa in 1999 and has since provided web traffic data, global rankings and other information on more than 30 million websites. Amazon Removes For decades, businesses and individuals have used Alexa to conduct an in-depth review of web events.

An important EIDL deadline for small business owners is approaching

It is too late to apply for a new Eovl Covid-19 loan. But if you want to increase the amount of an existing loan or apply for a consideration, you better hurry. The deadline is May 6. EIDL Loan Term Approaches The amount of money a small business can borrow with an EIDL loan varies. The Small Business Administration will review your documentation for a determination.

Big job drop for small businesses, ADP reports

Small businesses lost 120,000 jobs from March to April, according to the ADP National Employment Report released on May 4, 2022. This is despite the fact that the nation saw an overall increase of 247,000 jobs ( medium and large companies) over the same period of time. Franchise jobs also increased, gaining 47,400 jobs.

Wix and LegalZoom are teaming up to help entrepreneurs form a business and put it online

Wix has partnered with LegalZoom to enable U.S. entrepreneurs to begin the legal training of their business while creating a proper online presence.

Biden officially declares May 1-7 as National Small Business Week

President Joe Biden has officially declared May 1-7 as National Small Business Week. National Small Business Week is held in the United States each year in the first week of May. This year’s week-long celebration will focus on “Building a Better America Through Entrepreneurship.”

Small Business in 15 – Ivana Taylor on the impact of the pandemic on small businesses

As the business world continues to recover from the COVID pandemic, small business owners are demonstrating changes in approach that have helped them survive in recent years. According to small business owners, sales remain a major challenge, but marketing has prevailed over the past two years.

Republicans are introducing a bill to reform the SBA

House Republican Small Business Committee Republicans recently introduced a bill called “Improving the Small Business Administration Act (SBA).” They cited fraud and mismanagement by the SBA as the motive. The SBA should not be involved in direct lending, Republicans agreed on the committee.

How To Achieve Unusual Success With John Lee Dumas

How do you build a 7-profit business for the last eight years in a row? On The Small Business Radio Show, I spoke with John Lee Dumas (JLD), who is the founder and presenter of the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire.

SBA National Small Business Week Focus is building a better America with resource communities

The Small Business Administration (SBA) theme for upcoming National Small Business Week is “Building a Better America Through Entrepreneurship.” SBA Director of Strategic Alliances Morning Washburn announced the week’s schedule for May 2-7, which includes a virtual summit, a winners’ event, field office events and a national tour. by bus.

Apple says the new iMovie 3.0 makes it easier to edit and share videos

Apple has announced a new version of iMovie that includes features that make it even easier to create amazing edited videos on iPhone and iPad devices. Apple says new iMovie 3.0 makes video editing and sharing easier The new version of iMovie has a scriptwriting feature that teaches content creators how to edit and improve their video storytelling skills with prefabricated templates.

Increasing Buy Now-Pay Later payment options for consumers and businesses

Up to 2 in 3 Americans have more interest in buying now pay later (BNPL) in 2022 compared to before the pandemic. Increasing Buy Now-Pay Later Payment Options for Consumers and Businesses BNPL’s growing demand is highlighted in an infographic from Opy, a payments fintech.

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