Need More Customers? Use These 6 Essential Elements

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There is no way to get customers. It should be a multifaceted approach, not only for the near future, but also to create enough inbound traffic because two years from now, having taken the right actions today, your bids will practically be filled. That’s why getting customers has to be a system. Like the gears of a wheel, there is integration, and if a gear is off, you can’t expect the most effective results.

Here are six essentials to getting more customers. The system is the acronym PEOPLE. After all, more people, more customers, we strive.

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1. Prospecting

Often the number one hurdle that keeps a company from getting more customers is that they start with a number that is too small at the top. There are not enough prospects to start to become customers. This leaves too much pressure to convert the limited number of potential customers. What happens when there is pressure to make a sale? Or worse, does the customer feel the pressure? They make a backup and it becomes a self-destructive cycle.

The solution is to have several active and continuous prospecting systems, feeding potential customers all the time. It is best that these prospecting systems can function as a machine with delegated tasks until you or a sales representative may have to intervene.

With continuous prospecting systems in place, this is where the best reward may be a little later. But here’s a warning: when do most people stop or facilitate prospecting? When they are busy. What happens then? When they slow down, there aren’t enough people knocking on the proverbial door. Thus, the cycle of partying or hunger continues. Systematize your prospecting so that there is a steady, steady stream of possibilities.

2. Exhibition

Again, this is a longer term thought, but it is very important for your future. The exhibition comes from the content you are publishing: writing articles, podcasts as a host or guest, books, live plays, and social media. Rarely are the results immediate, which is what causes many people to give up before the rewards are seen. Think of it as construction lovers (people looking at you and having no idea they are there). While it can sometimes feel like you’re calling in an echo chamber, chances are there’s prospects looking at what you’re doing.

These “hidden ones” are building a relationship with you. They find you as a trusted resource for their needs. If you continue to add value, they will take a step forward and then begin the journey from the viewer to the customer.

Exposure requires discipline. Keep posting valuable content. Get exposure in any medium you can. But don’t try to do it all! Put yourself strategically in front of your customers as often as possible.

3. Open to relationships

We know that companies are built on relationships, right? The suggestion here is to be open in relationships. Sometimes the value of connecting with someone cannot be seen immediately. Perhaps in our attempt to protect our time and keep at bay the number of people who want to “choose our brain,” we may not remain as open as we might think. If you have all the business you need right now, maybe this isn’t the most essential item for you. However, it also has the highest chance of a fairly immediate return.

There is no doubt that you have had the experience of a random meeting that leads to something: a casual meeting or a moment of synchronicity. It may have resulted in an immediate business, a great introduction, or the creation of a relationship. It has also been the story of great romances.

The point is, we don’t always know what’s just around the corner and who we might meet. If you remain open to relationships, increase your willingness to put yourself in situations where a beneficial meeting of the mind, or heart, could occur.

Even now, quite some time after the confinement and the pandemic, many people are not interacting so actively with other people. They may not attend networking events or attend professional meetings, leaving themselves less open to relationships than is best for business growth. Create as many opportunities for something good to happen as possible!

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4. Promotional

Promotional efforts will tend to be paid advertising with short-term anticipated results. They could be paid ads on social media, email marketing, marketing pieces or any effort where you expect a little more from a direct ROI.

Promotional efforts are a good balance with other efforts and satisfy the desire to act now and expect more immediate results. That’s not to say it’s always a short-term strategy. An entire business can be driven by paid and unpaid promotion in a long-term strategy. The difference is that for the promotional effort to be effective, there is usually a need to closely monitor ROI, whether it’s the return on money or the time invested. A proactive promotion strategy ensures that you are taking steps to achieve your goals.

5. Lead magnets

The concept of a lead magnet says it all. You are driving a prospect into a deeper relationship by offering something truly magnetic. It is a point of direct value exchange. You add value. Potential customers opt for a more committed relationship with you, at least in the form of providing an email.

The goal here is clear and intentional. You are driving a potential customer closer to you through a value exchange. It’s like ordering at a sale. If you don’t ask, you will rarely get it. If you don’t lead, you’re not offering your experience. Or as Wayne Gretzky said, “You lose 100% of the shots you don’t shoot.”

The purpose of a main magnet is a direct request, or exchange, to open a potential customer’s channel to become a customer. This more direct action is an excellent balance with other long-term actions.

6. Exceptional

What is the easiest way to get more customers? Make the ones you have incredibly happy by being exceptional. Yes, exceptional.

Anything less than exceptional may not be enough to make your business memorable or to inspire referrals. This also requires a system to keep your existing customers and inspire referrals.

To nurture this potentially abundant system of getting customers, I recommend that you follow up closely and constantly implement strategies to increase customer loyalty and referrals. It is often the fruit that hangs lowest and can reward you with the fastest results.

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As a good system should be, it is a healthy balance. Among these six essential elements are efforts that will bear fruit in the short and long term. Consider these six items as a checklist or elements of a healthy ecosystem. When you take care of each item, you create a steady stream of incoming customers now and in the future.

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