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From MarketWatch:

How can you keep up with the cost of recipes? Here are some ways to save: Prescriptions and other medical expenses can be daunting. Here are some ways to save yourself and your budget.

This legislation could help you save more for retirement, balance yourself student loansfind lost 401 (k) plans and more: The Senate has just passed another proposal focused on retirement security, making it look like Congress is likely to pass another retirement bill later this year.

What the latest Fed moves mean to you: The Federal Reserve announced that it was raising the rate of federal funds, which is likely to affect the interest rates of many consumers. Where do your finances accumulate?

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How do you know if you’re getting bad advice about money?

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I’m 65 and I know I need to get more exercise, but I hate it. That’s what I’m trying to turn around.

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Learn more about retirement:

Investors describe problems with new Thrift Savings Plan (The Washington Post)

Rob Gronkowski retired. The New York Times

Major changes to 401 (k) retirement plans are approaching with the Senate vote (Wall Street Journal)

Want to do something with your retirement savings? No (Reuters)

Cover of Brad Pitt GQ: The Actor Talks About Retirement, Sobriety, Smoking (USA Today)

Legendary film composer John Williams plans to retire after recording “Indiana Jones 5” (Variety)

Research and vision:

According to the survey, the average savings for U.S. retirement is $ 168,000 – who’s ahead, who’s behind, and what assets should you depend on? (GOBankingRates)

Study shows retirement for too much spending, too little planning (InvestmentNews)

Poll: 25% of Americans delay retirement due to inflation (The Denver Channel)

Do retirement warnings go too far? (Star Tribune)

Problem? The Medicare Rights Center can fix it (Boston College Retirement Research Center)

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