NFL Week 15: Vikings comeback lights up social media; Bills edge Dolphins in snow

It’s almost Christmas, which means there was Saturday NFL action as the 2022 regular season rolls into its home turf. The Vikings completed the greatest comeback in NFL history to beat the Colts 39-36 in overtime, the Browns upset the AFC North rival Ravens at home and the Bills clinched their fourth straight berth in the playoffs by beating the Dolphins in snowy Buffalo at night.

Here are the trending moments from a key slate of NFL games.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

There’s football time, and then there’s this

The predicted blizzard the Dolphins played down has arrived in Buffalo.

You can’t have a winter wonderland in Buffalo without Santa!

The storm may have died down long before game time, but this guy probably feels right at home in the cold, snow-covered Highmark Stadium.

Allen, Diggs shows love to some very special fans

Bills fans, Dolphins fans find common ground


Just a way for the Buffalo faithful to celebrate after the Bills scored the first touchdown of the game.

Referees warn Bills Mafia about throwing snowballs

After several Dolphins players were pelted with snowballs and some touched the field while the Dolphins were on offense despite warnings on the stadium jumbotron, the refs threatened to give the Bills a 15-yard penalty unless the local public stopped throwing them.

Waddle Waddle!

Jaylen Waddle opened the second half with a 67-yard touchdown reception, and of course he had to bust out the Penguins-like move.

Let it Snow!

Snow is falling in Western New York as the Bills and Dolphins are tied late.

Of course, this guy loves:

Counts pave the way for the winning shot!

Buffalo’s special teams unit made sure Tyler Bass had plenty of clear field to throw as the snow came down, and Bass won the game for Buffalo at the buzzer.

Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings

All-star pet group!

Viktor the Viking and Blue the Colt have arrived in Minneapolis for Saturday morning, and they brought some friends: Stuff the Magic Dragon, Clark the Cub, Buoy, G-Wiz, Puddles, Blooper and Goldy Gopher.

Justin Jefferson meets Cadillac Jack!

A Saturday hit?

The Colts have a surprising 17-0 lead over the Vikings on the road on a Saturday, coached by Jeff Saturday.

BIG Colts, social media reacts

Indianapolis leads 30-0 (!) before halftime and NFL Twitter is freaking out about what’s happening in Minneapolis.

DeForest Buckner with a grid troll

No one is more synonymous with Griddy than Justin Jefferson, so DeForest Buckner had to have a little fun when he sacked Jefferson’s quarterback.

Colts up 33-0 at halftime, social media piles on the Vikings

Stiff Arm Pet!

Blooper is once again not for the kids as the Braves mascot stiff-armed and carried several children during the halftime mini-game.

Meanwhile, it looks like Puddles will have to go on injured reserve.

The Vikings are all the way back!

The Vikings are riding a 28-3 (yes, 28-3) streak against Matt Ryan (yes, Matt Ryan) and the Colts, and social media is in shock as Minnesota is now down by just eight .

Social networks react to the call

The Vikings had an apparent first-and-goal and could have tied the game with a two-point conversion, but the officials ruled that Colts running back Zack Moss was down. Although they overturned the decision on the replay, the Vikings only got the ball back on the snap, and were hit with a 15-yard “unsportsmanlike conduct” penalty due to their outrage over the call.


A Dalvin Cook touchdown and a TJ Hockenson two-point conversion tied the game. If the Vikings win, it would be the biggest comeback in NFL history (33 points).

This kid also looks ecstatic.

Vikings complete comeback, social media reacts!

Greg Joseph’s 40-yard field goal in the final seconds of overtime sealed the win — the first time an NFL team has come back from a 30-point halftime deficit.

Matt Ryan adds another questionable record

Jeff Saturday, the Colts have their critics

Jefferson: “We scared you all”

Star Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson led the team in a celebratory dance and had a message for Minnesota fans.

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns

Justin Tucker makes history!

One of the greatest kickers the NFL has ever seen is now the Ravens’ all-time field goal leader.

Lamar calls for a comeback in the second half

Lamar Jackson is out for the second straight game with a sprained knee, but predicts a Ravens comeback after Baltimore trailed 6-3 at halftime.

Tucker, Ravens frustrated

Tucker missed two field goals in a game for the first time since 2018 as the Ravens dropped 10 to the Browns in the fourth quarter.

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