Nubia RedMagic 7 Pro Review: Powerful, Pricey, Poor Cameras

In 2022, it is easy to make phones the center of your world. Features are built into your daily life, from key moments to catching up with friends to finding the next great restaurant. But for mobile gamers, priorities (such as a screen with a high refresh rate) are different. The Nubia RedMagic 7 Pro is a phone that is firmly focused on offering Android handheld game lovers. The result is many advantages for the players and the consequent disadvantages. And, interestingly, there are some positive jokes that everyone can appreciate.

First of all, this phone firmly fulfills its hype. With a 120 Hz display and a 960 Hz multi-touch sampling rate, gaming on this phone comes with a smooth display and seamless touch interactions. Power fans may be disappointed that this machine has opted for a lower refresh rate than the previous model, which featured a 165 Hz panel, but rates beyond 120 Hz are rarely used in full.

Fans of first-person shooters will see how the RedMagic 7 Pro rises, with Mobile COD sitting comfortably at 120 frames per second at maximum settings while barely warming to the touch. The on-board cooling system is the star here, including a pleasantly subtle fan. Activates by activating a red switch on the side of the phone. This switch will also take you to the Nubia gaming space, where you can view your downloaded titles in one place. In a more demanding title like Genshin Impact, you will reach a maximum of 60 fps on this device in high settings, and it will work without a stutter. In our test, it came to an awkward heat after more than 15 to 20 minutes of play, even with the fan running, but the performance did not waver.

Shoulder buttons!

Photo: RedMagic

Outside of the bread and butter of this device, an outstanding performance of mobile games, there are a number of other additions suitable for gamers. The most prominent are the capacitive shoulder buttons. While a physical click would provide a more satisfying interaction, moving parts aren’t as handy on a phone. As such, playing with a nice vibration level is a fair target for mobile gaming devices to shoot, and the RedMagic 7 Pro nails it. The two customizable buttons allow you to upgrade your on-screen controls to something more natural and traditional. They are very easy to set up using the Nubia Game Space application, which is accessed by swiping from the left during games.

The play space overlay includes a small bar that will show the time, frames per second, download speed, battery life, and duration of the game session. The full menu includes a wider range of gaming options, such as switching to 120 Hz mode, quick access to social channels, screen recording, and more. Each feature I tested worked as expected and the overlay did not cause any crashes or slowdowns.

Image issues

As a gaming phone, the RedMagic 7 Pro has almost no flaws. Mobile players will not be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a more complete experience, this isn’t your phone. The first blatant madness is the selfie camera under the screen. Make no mistake, this offers a great immersive display, with a screen without inhibition by a notch or a cutout. The downside, however, is that the resulting photos are poor, with a lack of detail and precision, and a blurry overlay caused by the screen placed in front. Also, there may not be any screens that make it difficult for them, but the rear cameras are not much better. They may be good for capturing a weird moment, but you’re unlikely to look back with affectionate shots. Camera fans should be avoided.

RedMagic 7 Pro speakers aren’t great either, as they offer basic sound that doesn’t have precision at high and low volumes. Fortunately, there is a headphone jack for those who want the cable session option.

The thickness and weight of this device (9.98 mm and 0.52 lbs (235 g)) will probably be more important to you if you are not used to a gaming phone, a necessity for something so powerful. There is no IP rating here for dust or waterproofing.

Demerits of design

Photo: RedMagic

Outside of its dimensions, the back of the phone is quite ugly. Get customizable RGB lights that will appeal to fans who prefer a touch of game delicacy, but the sharp, angular pattern of the heat sink plate looks cheaper than the rest of the rugged metal design. The back of the phone also does not facilitate wireless charging. It’s not a big loss, and the blow is softened with a fast charger with 65 watt cable.

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