Patti LuPone drops F-bomb on Broadway theatergoers not wearing masks properly

Don’t mess with Patti LuPone.

The Broadway diva, who is currently starring in a renaissance of Stephen Sondheim’s musical “Company,” dropped an F-bomb while punishing two spectators who would not wear masks properly. The incident happened during an on-stage interview after the show organized by the American Theater Wing organization on Tuesday that was open to the public.

Broadway shows still require masking, at least until May 31st.

“Put the mask on your nose … If you don’t want to follow the rule, get out,” said LuPone, 73, who was captured. in a video of the event shared on Twitter. “Who do you think you are, who doesn’t respect the people around you?”

The exchange was further tested when one of the offensive customers responded by saying that he paid LuPone’s salary with the purchase of his ticket.

“Bulls … t,” LuPone replied.

Here is a clip of the exchange. Note that it contains blasphemy.

The ushers asked the couple to leave the theater and they did, according to a production spokesman.

“Company” has been one of the biggest critical hits of this season on Broadway. The show recently received nine Tony Award nominations, including one for LuPone.

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While Broadway has continued to require masking, this is not true everywhere. In recent months, mask warrants have ended in many settings across the country, including New York City public schools, although COVID-19 cases are on the rise in some places. In addition, airlines no longer require masks.

The issue remains delicate, of course. And it may have touched a particular nerve with LuPone, who is one of several high-profile Broadway artists who contracted COVID-19 and, as a result, had to miss performances.

A spokesman for the “company” said LuPone declined to comment on Tuesday’s incident. But Chris Harper, one of the show’s top producers, said in a statement: “We are with Patti and support her efforts to support our entire community, from patrons to ushers, cast and crew. safe and healthy so we can keep Broadway open. ”

This view was seconded by Jamie Forshaw, whose company, Madison Wells Live, is an investor in the production of “Company.”

Theater spectators “have to abide by the rules,” Forshaw told MarketWatch. “The actors are up there doing a job and they want to keep doing the job and not be afraid to catch something.”

Forshaw added that he has not seen similar masked conflicts arise during this Broadway season, noting that “ushers have done a fantastic job” in controlling the situation. But he said there could be challenges ahead given how mandates are ending in many places.

“The problem now is that the world is opening up,” Forshaw said.

Meanwhile, Broadway stars and fans voiced support for LuPone on social media or shared their own views on the situation. This led to “Patti Lupone” becoming a trend on Twitter Tuesday night and all day Wednesday.

This wasn’t the only situation that involved bad customer behavior lately on a Broadway show. A nude video of actor Jesse Williams leaked during a performance of the current Broadway revival of “Take Me Out” was recently leaked. (The show features extensive nudity.) This is despite customers having to check their cell phones before entering the theater.

In a statement, Second Stage Theater, the producer of “Take Me Out,” said: “We are appalled that this policy has been violated and that unauthorized images of our acting company have been published. It is deeply unfortunate. that a member of the public has chosen to disrespect respect for the production, for his fellow audience members and, most importantly, for the distribution in this way. “

A fun reader on Twitter he noted that, “between Jessie Williams and Patti LuPone, the Broadway audience is out of danger this week.”

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