Portfolio Management in Market Downturns

Nowadays The MarketBest podcast Kate chats with Clark Kendall, CEO of Kendall Capital. Clark offers his thoughts on managing portfolios during the crisis, with some very practical steps for allocating your money and investing for tax advantages. Investors and traders sometimes overlook the tax consequences of their decisions, but tax strategies, or the lack thereof, can make a significant difference to your results. A bear market is a good time to review your holdings and optimize your account to preserve capital and take advantage of tax strategies.
-Why Clark says investors should stay calm through the bear market
-How investors can manage their holdings at this time to obtain losses for tax purposes
-How to do a Roth IRA conversion, pay taxes in a year when the market is falling, and have a tax advantage in the future
-Why Clark advises using dollar cost averaging to get a discount when funding your retirement account
-Why you are unlikely to be able to call the bottom of the market
-The two biggest mistakes that individual investors make
-How does Clark consider fixed income investment in this market
-Why Clark likes dividend paying stocks
-An alternative way to invest in crypto
-Pros and cons of using investment funds
-How to manage individual stocks for tax assessment and management
-How does Clark approach portfolio diversification? What types of vehicles do you propose to use within a portfolio?
– How to plan for a retirement that can last 20 or 30 years – to maintain purchasing power and avoid running out of money in your golden years
-What inflation rate and real rate of return should retirement investors be using right now? How can you do this calculation?

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