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I’ve combed the internet to find you the funniest/important/scary and fascinating stories about technology.

1 Crypto exchange FTX used customers’ money to finance their risky bets
Things are going from bad to worse for exchange customers. (WSJ$)
+ The company is now essentially worthless. (The Guardian)
+ His legal chief told employees he is trying to preserve it. (Bloomberg$)
+ Some of FTX’s assets have been frozen by a securities regulator. (FT$)
+ This is where it all started to go wrong for FTX. (Protocol)

2 Mass surveillance does not make us feel safer
Nor is it necessarily to reduce crime. (Coda Story)
+ Marseille’s battle against the surveillance state. (MIT Technology Review)

3 Scientists edited the immune systems of cancer patients to attack tumors
Encouraging results from the CRISPR trial could pave the way for more personalized treatment. (BBC)
+ Edits to a cholesterol gene could stop the biggest killer on earth. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Big Tech layoffs are a cruel reminder that you are more than your job
These companies demand loyalty, but rarely return the favor. (Recode)
+ Social media is facing off right now. (The Atlantic $)
+ It’s too late for tech’s biggest bosses to apologize. (WSJ$)

5 Amazon is one step closer to automating its warehouses 🦾
Its new robotic arm can identify and sort items without humans. (Insider $)
+ A delivery drone that can fly in the rain has also been created. (Bloomberg$)
+ iRobot, which was recently acquired by Amazon, has laid off 100 workers. (Boston Globe $)

6 How Cambodia Became the Scam Capital of the World
Illegal online gambling and fraud companies transfer workers to large criminal networks. (Rest of the World)

7 Science is changing the way we define fatherhood
Combining the genomes of same-sex couples to create babies is on the horizon. (Neo.Life)
+ A male contraceptive gel is seeking FDA approval. (fast company $)
+ A three-parent technique could help trans men have babies. (MIT Technology Review)

8 Uyghur language apps are full of spyware
Security researchers suspect they are being used to transmit information to China. (Bloomberg$)

9 Who do anti-bullying apps really help?
Most of the time, it is another burden for the victim. (via cable $)

10 AIs prefer to talk to each other over humans
Try not to be offended. (New Scientist $)

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