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Sporting events have the unique ability to inspire generations and bring us together to live fun and exciting experiences. However, if you’re not a sports fan, but rather a casual observer, it can be easy to miss some of the most important events of the year. As a result, you may miss a great game or get lost in great water-cooled conversations. Fortunately, you can enter the following X sporting events into your calendar to make sure you never miss them. You deserve to be at the forefront of the world of sports!

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1. The Super Bowl

The first major sports championship each year, the Super Bowl features the top two teams from the previous year facing off to win a one-game championship. Unlike other championship series, The Super Bowl is a unique event that attracts millions of excited spectators each year.

Knowing when to expect the Super Bowl each year can make it easier to schedule group events with your co-workers and friends. For example, you can create a Super Bowl party and plan it with your calendar, syncing various group-related events to make sure everyone has fun this year.

Most importantly, you can use your calendar to schedule things like catering for your big Super Bowl party or any entertainment. This additional entertainment may include renting a large projector or TV that you can use to watch the game with all of your closest friends.

2. The NBA Championship

The NBA championship series is often one of the most exciting in the world. This is because it’s not uncommon to see teams achieve dramatic victories from behind. For example, the Cleveland Cavalier dramatic championship series included many tight games and the city’s first championship in 50 years.

During each game, you can expect many amazing shots, dramatic defensive stops and even injuries. NBA players play a lot of games every year and can get injured in the worst possible times. While these injuries are unfortunate, they bring a sense of unpredictability to the sport.

So, even if you’re not a big fan of basketball, it’s worth considering including this event in your calendar. Putting these night games on your calendar can make it easier for you to plan your summer work schedules and improve your productivity without missing out on fun experiences.

3. The Stanley Cup

The NHL plays its championship series in the early summer, using a seven-game series to find the best team of the year. These games usually take place every two days, which gives you great exciting sports fun. Of course, hockey is never more exciting during the championship season!

This is because hockey tends to be a little more balanced than other sports, with fewer genuinely dominant teams. But most importantly, it is a sport that depends much more on luck than others. While there’s always a bit of luck in every competition, you never know when you may score a player in hockey.

As a result, the Stanley Cup championship is often less predictable and more exciting than other championship series. Sometimes the series ends in four games, other times in seven. This makes it a must-visit and a great way to have fun with your friends during the early summer months.

4. Wimbledon

Tennis is one of the fastest sports in the world, and top-level championship competitions are among the most exciting to watch. Wimbledon brings together some of the best tennis players in the world and presents a fantastic game in a competition that has been played since 1877.

While you may not get as much attention from your friends for Wimbledon parties, it’s worth looking at it regularly. This is because you not only see incredible competition, but also amazing upsets. While the best players usually win, tennis can sometimes be unpredictable.

This is because top tier players are usually separated from each other only in small degrees. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see how a highly ranked player is knocked out unexpectedly and see how a underdog makes an amazing career. Beyond that, tennis is fun to watch.

5. US Open

The U.S. Open, which takes place in the early summer months, is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments of each year. It includes the best golfers in the world playing on a challenging course with unique twists and difficult obstacles that make it very unpredictable.

Fortunately, modern golf streaming focuses on making the experience more enjoyable for casual fans. There is not much downtime at each show, as most shows are shot after several golfers. This way, you will be able to see all the best and most exciting shots and putts of the tournament.

The best thing about the U.S. Open is that it takes place over the weekend, meaning you can turn it on and off all day. As a result, you can catch your favorite golfers, get back to your day and get back to competition the way you want.

6. NASCAR Championship Race

Even if you don’t watch any NASCAR races all year round, the championship race is always exciting. You never know when a major accident will leave a potential champion out of the race and award a startling winner. For example, Michael McDowell who won the Daytona 500 2021 was his first victory in 358 starts.

Beyond these amazing moments, NASCAR is simply one of the most competitive sports. While there are always dominant drivers who always seem to win, almost anyone can leave with a championship. This makes every lap an important time to bite your nails for the true NASCAR fan.

Even if you’re a casual fan, the best thing about NASCAR is that you can get away from the TV a bit. For example, you can go for a drink, talk to friends, or even go to the bathroom. Even if you miss something, rehearsals are common and will show things like accidents and amazing runners ’movements.

7. The World Series

Even if you’re not a big fan of baseball, the World Series is something you shouldn’t miss. Why is that? Pure unpredictability. The best sporting events confuse our expectations and create amazing stories that cultures can share together to feel more connected.

For example, remember that amazing 2016 World Series when the Chicago Cubs broke a 108-year championship drought in a spectacular ninth-inning win in the seventh game of the series? It’s the kind of moment only the World Series can create.

As a result, it’s important to stay up to date on this event and keep your calendar up to date and active. Fortunately, knowing how to use your calendar to keep up to date with current events can make it easier to schedule viewing parties for The World Series and experience the best baseball each year.

13 Other events to schedule

There are many other unique competitive events that take place each year that are worth seeing. Although not a major championship, they are unique enough to make them a great display option. Other great sporting events you may want to add to your calendar this year include:

  1. March madness
  2. Kentucky Derby
  3. Men’s University World Series
  4. World Series of University Women
  5. UFC Fight Night
  6. Indianapolis Road Course
  7. NCAA Football Start Day
  8. South 500
  9. Hollywood Casino 400
  10. Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race
  11. Laver Cup
  12. NFL International Games
  13. NCAA Bowl Games

Keep your calendar up to date

Posting these events to your calendar will help you stay up to date on major social events and make sure you don’t miss any exciting competition. It can even help you become a better sports fan and make sure you know when to turn on the TV. This is an important advantage even for good-time sports fans who want to attend all the most important events of the year.

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