Starbucks Barista Alleges She Was ‘Forced’ to Continue Working After Being Injured on the Clock

Talk about being burned by your employer.

Jason Alden / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Jason Alden / Bloomberg via Getty Images

A Starbucks employee is dealing with the coffee chain after a video she made stating that she was forced to continue working after suffering second-degree burns while on the clock.

Julia, who did not reveal her last name, explained in the viral video that she was working as a shift supervisor during the closing of last Thursday night when she went to prevent a coffee urn from being cleaned a second time after ‘realize that the particular urn had already gone through the process.

“All my classmates were sitting waiting for me as a shift supervisor. I went to get the ballot box and it was open and I poured hot water on myself,” the Starbucks employee said. “My foot burned. I was wearing protective shoes, but my foot still hurt and [I got] Second-degree burns to the toes and all over the left foot. “

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Julia then stated that she had to resume work “immediately” and that when she asked to take the day off, she was asked to use her sick time without any compensation.

She says she even submitted an interim report to the company and contacted her manager directly via a phone call and text message, but has not yet received a response.

@sbworkersunited That’s why we get organized. Julia’s store mates are collecting donations here: #starbucksbarista #starbucksunion # 2nddegreeburns #whyweorganize original original sound – SBWorkersUnited

“I’m still at work and I’m still working and my foot has gotten worse for being at work,” he lamented. “And I just need help because I don’t have time for illness … and it basically forces me to work with the condition I’m in and I can’t even put on my shoes.”

The video has been viewed more than 67,000 times. until they were forced to come to work after being a co-worker. “shot in the head.”

“He had the second grade with a grilled cheese and I never got anything and I still had to work,” one TikToker wrote.

“One of our partners got shot in the head (luckily not in the store, thank God, but I was the one who got the call) and we were forced to keep working,” said another.

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The video was released on behalf of Julia by Starbucks Workers United, an organization that supports Starbucks Workers in their efforts to become fully unionized.

“That’s why we syndicate,” says the TikTok headline before linking to a GoFundMe page made in Julia’s name by her co-workers, which states that the specific location of Starbucks where TikToker works has been introduced to vote in favor of unionization.

“Our store recently requested a union vote, with Julia as one of our vital members of the organizing committee,” the page says. “Starbucks has been involved in a very public campaign to try to force union leaders to resign, and we believe this treatment of Julia is part of that pattern.”

According to the GoFundMe page, the location of Starbucks in question is East Robinson Starbucks in Buffalo, New York, with the funds the group hopes to raise will be used for medical expenses for Julia and compensation for leisure time.

Starbucks was criticized last week after being sued by the National Labor Relations Board for allegedly taking “direct and unfair” action against three employees involved in a union attempt.

Since August 2021, more than 50 complaints of unfair work practices have been filed against Starbucks in the Buffalo, New York region.

Starbucks was down more than 36% year-over-year from Monday afternoon.

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