Taco Bell is Offering Customers a Chance at a Metaverse Wedding

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Taco Bell chain and metaverse platform Decentraland have announced their partnership to offer US-based couples the chance to get married in the metaverse. According to the association, the fast food chain will hold a contest until September 6 for interested couples and choose a couple for a full legal wedding experience in the Decentraland digital universe that will also be streamed live online.

Couples are offered a legally recognized Metaverse Wedding Package

Couples who win the competition will be eligible to participate in the brand’s first legally recognized Metaverse wedding package. The package includes a ceremony and reception that will take place in the virtual world of Decentraland.

“By bringing the metaverse wedding to life and adding layers of the brand’s Live Más mentality, the couple and attendees will be able to up the ante on their love for each other and for the brand they also love. In the age of love, the Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding will allow a couple to take part in the journey of what may be the next evolution of modern love, and we are proud to lead the charge,” said Sean Tresvant. Taco Bell Brand Director.

The wedding ceremony and reception will feature NFT invitations and custom designed wedding gowns. As part of the package, the couple will be able to bring virtual guests, who will be able to take part in all the traditional wedding day celebrations, including musical entertainment, dancing and (virtual) food. Taco Bell will live stream the entire event, and the couple will receive an NFT marriage certificate afterward.

The contest is held from August 25 to September 6. Couples can compete through Taco Bell’s metaverse wedding website. Entrants will receive one entry per person/email address into the contest and may also share their submission video on Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter using the hashtag #TacoBellMetaverseWeddingContest and tag @tacobell.

The Metaverse wedding celebration is scheduled for this fall

The virtually interactive wedding celebration is scheduled for this fall. The lucky couple will be surrounded by their loved ones during the romantic ceremony as they participate in traditional wedding elements including musical entertainment, a first dance, food, toasts, exchange of vows and rings, and more.

While the couple’s guests will have exclusive access to participate in this evening designed to extend the Taco Bell wedding experience into Web 3.0, the ceremony will have additional access open to Decentraland guests who wish to attend.

Once the couple is officially married and the ceremony is over, guests will be invited to enjoy Taco Bell’s canteen and public reception room where guests can show off their best moves on the dance floor, drink and socialize in the bar. take photos in the photo booth and compete in a challenging quest. For those without an avatar unable to attend, the event will also be streamed live.

It’s not the first time Taco Bell has dabbled in weddings. In 2017, the company launched its Las Vegas Cantina Wedding Package and has since married 777 eligible couples in Las Vegas over five years.

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