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Marketing and sales have continued to improve over the years. In the last decade, the digital infrastructure has grown significantly. Digital marketing has overtaken marketing platforms and is beginning to take over. Email marketing has proven to be one of the strongest elements of digital marketing, as 30% of e-commerce revenue comes from email marketing. There are several offers online with email marketing courses so you can take advantage of this segment.

Popular Email Marketing Courses

These are some of the most popular online email marketing courses

Email Marketing 2022. Increase Sales with Email Marketing!

In this updated step-by-step guide to the 2022 Email Marketing Course, you’ll learn the need for email marketing and explore and use different types of emails. Creating customer databases, database segmentation, GDPR regulations, sending emails with SendPulse, avoiding spam, and measuring the performance of your email marketing are some of the lessons are offered in the course.

10 Email Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6 Digits

10 Email Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-Digit teaches you the top ten email marketing strategies and the five principles of a successful email. The course goes into detail to show you how to grow your mailing list. It also shows you how to send welcome emails, promotional emails, sales emails, redirect emails, loyalty emails, on-demand emails, and feedback emails.

Email Marketing – Writing and Growing Your Email Lists

Email Marketing: Writing and growing your email lists enables you to create a simple and effective email system. This course includes successful copywriting and client psychology, such as not being friends with Zoned !, copying and pasting email templates, and growing your email list, including the use of YouTube and Google Ads, and email maintenance to work on mobile.

25 Mistakes You Make in Email Marketing and How to Fix Them

Designed to help you avoid the usual inconveniences and deal with the few common ones, 25 mistakes you make in email marketing and how to fix them, including changes in email regulation, allow you to write effective marketing emails . Lessons include creating engaging content, building relationships, automating emails, maintaining subscriptions, and creating a customer base that acts as a fan base.

Email Marketing with PowerMTA, IP Rotation and Mailwizz

Email Marketing with PowerMTA, IP Rotation, and Mailwizz teaches you how to install and configure the PowwerMTA Management Console, a popular email messaging transfer agent. The course also teaches you how to install and configure Mailwizz, create DKIM logs, IP rotation, security practices, send unlimited emails, and send them across multiple email servers.

Business communication: write, email, close the loop

Communicating for Business: Write, email, close the loop focuses on training you to communicate and express yourself well both digitally and traditionally. You will learn to choose the right words and tone, build your emails and avoid common mistakes and design a communication plan to achieve your goal.

Mastery of email marketing for coaches, hypnotherapists and NLP

The domain of email marketing for coaches, hypnotherapists, and NLP is figuring out how to create and send emails that become paid customers. It teaches you the domain of email, what makes emails fail or succeed. You’ll also learn the sequence and timing of your email, increase your conversion rate, set up and structure your email campaigns, and turn your emails into hypnotherapy, NLP, or coaching business.

Keyboard Mastery 1.0

Klaviyo is an e-commerce platform for e-commerce that acts as an online store that you can use to sell your products with emails. The Klaviyo Mastery 1.0 course teaches you all the features of the software, including Klaviyo flow, dynamic block creation, and campaign creation. In addition, the course shows you the mechanisms of the software and how it grows your list of email subscribers.

Mailchimp’s complete email marketing course

Mailchimp’s complete email marketing course trains you on software and helps you navigate and optimize quality email marketing campaigns. The course shows you how to set up Mailchimp and set up email lists, make hypersegmented emails, create open and covert content, create sign-up and registration forms, and perform split testing and email marketing analysis.

HTML email responds from scratch

With HTML Responsive From Scratch, you’ll learn how to create responsive HTML emails that are compatible with all screen sizes. In five-and-a-half hours, the course will show you how to create emails by encoding emails and using email web frameworks and services, and develop knowledge for finding jobs requested as an email developer.

Most businesses and freelancers rely on email marketing to be recognized, increase their reach and conversion, and increase their sales. All the courses mentioned above have an autonomous rhythm, contain progress tests and award a certificate of completion. In addition, students have lifelong access to learning materials and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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