The 13 Best Office Chairs (2022): Budget, Luxe, Cushions, Casters, and Mats

If you come across these chairs, we recommend that you save your cash and opt for one of the above options.

Steelcase Series 1 for $ 491: I wanted to enjoy Series 1, especially after having such a good experience with Gesture. My biggest problem is with the armrest: the tops slide back and forth and back and forth, which might be a good thing, except that I managed to pinch my arm every time I move. There’s no way to lock them in place, so while my torso felt propped up, my arms didn’t. The seat is also quite curved, which can feel stuck in one position while you work all day.

FlexiSpot Sit2Go 2 in 1 fitness chair for $ 330: Sounds like a good idea, as it allows you to get some exercise while sitting at a desk. I felt virtuous pedaling while checking my email. The problem is, it’s not very comfortable. (I couldn’t sit on it all day.) It also looks like a cheap low-end exercise bike, so you’re going through the worst of both worlds. You also need a standing desk to accommodate it.

Poppin work chair for $ 399: This is as simple as office chairs. There aren’t many parts you can adjust, but your back does a good job of aligning with your spine. The upholstered seat is good for comfort, but the mesh material of the backrest makes it breathable. Unfortunately, the wheels do not roll smoothly and are quite noisy. It’s also puzzling why the Poppin costs as much as when you get so much more with our best selection which is a bit cheaper.

Flexispot support for $ 290: The thick foam padding is too poor to handle the heat, so are you will feeling sweaty in that chair over time. The mesh back helps a bit and is reasonably sleek and comfortable. However, it feels unnecessarily large and the lumbar support slides too easily when you move.

Teknion Around Chair for $ 675: I’m still struggling to see it Because this chair costs as much as it costs. It feels incredibly similar to the previous Poppin Task Chair (which is almost half the price), but the Teknion wheels are even worse. They are annoyingly noisy and feel cheap.

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