The 2023 Innovators Under 35 competition is now open for nominations

But there is much more to it than that. By writing stories about these innovative and ambitious young people, we hope to give you a glimpse of the incredible possibilities of technology. At the same time, we want to help you understand the threats in our world, whether they’re related to your health, online safety, climate change or something else, and what these emerging innovators are doing. these problems.

In addition, we hope that with the list we can give you an idea of ​​the future direction of the technology so that you are well informed and prepared for the upcoming changes. To see what we mean, check out our 2022 winners.

You’ve probably heard of many of the people we’ve selected over the years: Andrew Ng, Helen Greiner, Feng Zhang, Tracy Chou, Ian Goodfellow, Rediet Abebe, Julie Shah, Joy Buolamwini and Natalya Bailey to name a few. .

We are looking for people doing interesting work in all areas of technology: biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, computing, energy, electronics, software, nanomaterials and the Internet. Some of our winners have invented a particular technology, while others are entrepreneurs who use technology in a new or interesting way. Others are working to use technology to correct a social injustice or make life easier for people in difficult circumstances.

We like to be able to answer questions like: What is the innovation here? What did this person achieve that hadn’t been done this way before? How is this person working to solve an important technology problem that could make a big difference in people’s lives?

Many of our candidates come from universities or research corporations, but we also love to have inventors, startup founders, and social activists who are creatively using technology to make a difference in their communities.

If this description makes you think of someone, don’t wait – nominate them now.

And if you want to know more about the overall process, visit our FAQ page.

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