The 3 Power Words All Entrepreneurs Need to Memorize

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You have set your goals, you have your vision and it is time to act. Now what? Well, it’s great that you took the first step; all great successes begin with this.

But we must arm ourselves with these three important words. They will act as a shield to protect us from the roller coaster we embarked on.

We need to memorize the following three words:

Improvise, adapt and overcome.

These three words have saved my life in certain situations and I am excited to break them down for you.


During the entrepreneurial journey, there are times when you find yourself, things go completely wrong and you need to resolve things quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt an attitude of improvisation. Improvisation is a key part of the entrepreneurial arsenal we need. Because? Because sometimes we have to find solutions or make things work the way we can on the fly.

Some examples of the need to improvise are:

  • The key feature of the product demo is not working and you have 20 minutes before the presentation begins.
  • The payment system doesn’t work in your sales funnel, and you receive messages that people can’t pay.

With the above examples, you should make an alternative solution in any way possible. Trust me when I tell you, you will have to improvise 100% throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

An example of how I needed to improvise was when I had a big meeting with an investor. Our app, which we were launching, had an error that would directly affect our demo. So we tried desperately to fix the problem before the meeting, but unfortunately we couldn’t. So my solution was to create a series of screenshots in our presentation and talk about our technology.

We had a great meeting. We needed to improvise and opted for an alternative that would do the job. So if you’re stuck, there’s always a way to improvise and keep moving forward.

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When we think of a business or service that we launch, we must always keep in mind the results we see. These are valuable data that can help shape the next iteration of our product or service. The important thing here is that when we receive feedback, we must always adapt in a way that guarantees better results in the future.

As entrepreneurs, we must always adapt and understand our market in order to maximize our success. I guarantee that if you look back on your business and compare it from when you started until now, you will hardly recognize it. Because, over the years, you’ve adapted it so many times that it’s very different now.

Remember this, your customers are your best engineers. This means that your feedback or results will force you to adapt and change your model for better results in the future.

In my experience, we have adapted many times. Adapting is exciting, especially if you’re listening to your customers. When you accept feedback to adapt, the result is a better user experience for your customers. If you do it right, it means you are giving a better solution.

Once, when we adapted to the comments, it actually transformed our business. So don’t be afraid to listen to comments because they can change the course of your growth.

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If you’re reading this article, you know that being an entrepreneur is like jumping off a cliff and having to sew a parachute downhill. You will have to overcome many things in your journey, so be prepared.

Overcoming is the last piece of the puzzle. If you still don’t know, you’ll encounter obstacles, challenges, competitors, problems, doubts, and more. And as an entrepreneur, you have to overcome these things to survive and be able to live to fight another day.

I remember the time when I had to deepen and overcome a particular challenge when we were closing our Series A round. We were about to close the round. We had all our subscriptions busy. But at the last minute, a big investor withdrew and we had to keep going. It was difficult, but we had to move between our network to face more investors. I am happy to say that we have overcome the challenge and closed a very successful investment round.

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In conclusion, these are the three words of power that must be memorized as an entrepreneur. Improvise, adapt and overcome. What I have found is that saying these three words out loud during the difficult times of your journey gives you the energy and spark to overcome all kinds of challenges.

So my last tips. When you encounter difficult times during your entrepreneurial journey, you should …

Improvise, adapt and overcome.

You have that. Now go for it!

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