The Ancestry CEO Reveals 10 New Rules for Women at Work

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When many entrepreneurs become leaders, they can lose who they are and have to conform to the culture or practices around them. In short, many do not recognize the person they have become, what comes out of their mouths and the actions they seem to take. This is especially true for women who have to work in a business system that is not fair and was not originally created for them. Also, they are taught that power is a dirty word and as a result they give it away.

On The Small Business Radio Show, that’s exactly what Deborah Liu, a seasoned tech executive based in Silicon Valley, says needs to change for women at work. She is currently the President and CEO of Ancestry, the company at the forefront of family history and consumer genomics. Prior to that, she was part of Facebook’s leadership team, where she was vice president of Facebook App Commerce. Previously, he spent several years at PayPal, where he led the eBay marketplace product team, built the charitable giving and social commerce teams. She also serves on the board of Intuit and co-founded the non-profit organization Women in Product.

Deb discussed how women can be more successful at work:

  • How to find your voice, learn to ask, speak up when it’s uncomfortable, and get what you want in a business system that isn’t fair and wasn’t created for women.
  • Debunk the negative connotations of “power” as a dirty word for women and harness it for your own success.
  • Discover how to be heard, seen and taken more seriously at work by going out of your way.
  • Overcome the lie that success can only be achieved alone if, instead, you find the four types of allies you need to achieve your goals.
  • Become a great leader without getting lost in the process.

Listen to the full interview with Deb on The Small Business Radio Show.

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Image: Deborah Liu

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