The Framework for Nurturing Your Growth Mindset

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What does it mean for you to be bold?

I had spent most of my life thinking that it was the job of the world to understand me, when really my job was to learn who was first and really understand who I am, which allowed me to understand the essential steps to navigate the world. world. around me. It also allows me to feel joy in the moments I am in, which leads me to accept challenges, move forward even when there are setbacks, and learn more about my definition of leveling up.

What does this have to do with business? All.

Being bold is the basis of my growth mindset. When we cultivate this piece of our mindset and minimize and silence the fixed mindset, we can define how to examine personally and professionally how to evolve, create new forums to increase the safe space for communication, and nurture opportunities for innovation and creative solutions.

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Driven by my passion for learning, innovation, agility, design, and creativity, I have created a framework and process for others to use to unlock their boldness, growth, and mindset. Professionally, it can mean making a shocking decision, even if it is unpopular, or switching careers to a field in which you have less experience or confidence, but are more passionate. It can be using your passion for innovation or creativity and trusting that you can make a living doing the things that bring you joy. What would it mean for you to radically prioritize your joy and focus on impactful strategic results? The framework can help define the steps.

My goal has always been to make a positive and lasting difference. I have now defined the approach: a bold and courageous way. My intention in my job is to help leaders solve problems forever. For good, that is, they have fewer opportunities to produce or resurrect, and for good, to create a better world for others through the achievements of work and its results.

The BOLD Framework is the clue to unleashing audacity and focusing on the strategies that matter. Being BOLD has the following components, with each step being based on the above and bringing you closer to living the life you want and seeing the results that matter most!

B: Believe (believe in yourself, trust your decision, identify your shadows, release fear)

O: Own (Possess your happiness, your goals, your path and your successes)

L: Learn (Learn from all the actions and results, they all teach us something if we look)

D: Design (design your way and define the steps to cure your best life)

By believing in your goals and yourself, you can own your choices and learn from your rights and mistakes, which will allow you to design the life you just imagined. Being the owner of your greatness and knowing that you are the one driving the necessary changes, defining the path and creating the map of your dreams, is a key element of the BOLD framework.

Learning is an element of everyone’s experience, as well as being sure to notice successes and failures, which in turn help us learn the primary elements of our success. Design, a common element of the four businesses I have created, is the final element of the BOLD Framework. You have the “brush” for the canvas of your life, now paint it creating the vision you want to hear and see in your life. There is an interesting juxtaposition between the principles of design and life. I use some design principles (i.e. balance, unity, contrast, variety, movement, harmony, proportion, and rhythm) within the framework to define the forward map for your goals and achievements.

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One of the most daring moments of my career was in 2020, when I started my four-business S-Corp, Bold Industries Group, and realized I was an entrepreneur. Going from being a healthcare executive to being an entrepreneur was a big decision that was awkward at first. We move quickly a year after that crucial moment, and here I am: happy, successful, full of joy, and most importantly, having a positive and lasting impact on my work. Starting this business has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. The BOLD framework is used in all businesses, including High Road Strategy Consulting and The Desig9ed Studio.

I believe in looking for new opportunities to unleash your courage and bravery. Being happy, valuing self-care and trying something without guarantees is vital to living a life without remorse. Bold mind-body: claim the life you deserve to live. I launched not only several new services, but also The Bold Retreat, which is a work wellness retreat focused on the intersectionality of strategy, mindset, and wellness with results that include a strategy think tank and a set staff of strategic results. for each participant to complete during the retreat. It also focuses on wellness with activities needed to de-stress, disconnect, have fun and be well. Ultimately, it’s not about finding your boldness; it is about breaking free that.

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