The Key to a Truly Successful Hiring Process

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A student once came up to me and told me that his resume was still progressing. Dejected, he said, “It feels like my resume is disappearing into the black hole.” Reason? He attended a not-so-famous college and worked for a lesser-known company.

I was surprised by this, to say the least! A recruiter will always look for ways to find that needle in the haystack. A resume is often a solid place to start the selection process. Fast forward to 2022, technology has ensured that we sleep better, eat better, think better and hire better too! Are you sure you still want to base a hiring decision on a flat A4 piece of paper to assess a human with a myriad of skills and abilities?

A recruiter, now more than ever, needs to think beyond the traditional ways of feeding the talent funnel. Let me start being a little more direct. Would you shortlist a 400-ranked Ivy League university or top-ranked non-Ivy League university?

Now that I’ve asked the million dollar question, let’s continue the quest to answer it. Asking this question is long overdue, and it is key to the growth of all our organizations that we ask it again and again.

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But why go beyond resumes?

Resume-based hiring is a broken process. If it wasn’t, we’d all be working with a dream team churning out one product/service after another. Listen to me!

Talent is around every corner:

Tier 1 institutions are outnumbered by poorly labeled tier 2 and 3. The pedagogy, students, and rigor vary, but only slightly. Access to ad hoc learning tools and the drive to be better are in abundance. Do the math! The ornate marble corridors may not be open to everyone, but the knowledge that flows through them is!

Imagine a scenario where you can tell how good a programmer or problem solver is before you know where they studied. Once they are part of your organization, their skill is what they will bring to the table and not the name of their university.

Ask yourself: Do they have a mine of new ideas that can provide solutions to real-world business problems? Do they strive to hone their skill on a daily basis? Do they want to understand the current business scenarios? Would these shortlists have the ability to infuse zeal and energy into the office? These factors are very important and should be given equal weight during the hiring process.

Your team needs a plowman, not a shiner:

Imagine a candidate who had it all against them and still managed to come to your table and have a conversation with you and your team. Now, wouldn’t you want to hire this candidate? Without denying the fact that even the first institutions have scammers. But is the ability to move, to act, to grow, a trait restricted to a certain set of universities?

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Level the playing field and transform your hiring funnel

Now that the light is on this new idea of ​​hiring based on skills and demonstrated ability rather than an A4 sheet with bulleted versions of a candidate’s hard work, let me shine a light on the entire path that leads to the right candidate .

Built to meet the demands of modern teams, online hackathons, case challenges and gamified challenges are taking the recruitment industry by storm. While all new things become the talk of the town quite easily, these new kids on the island come with heavy artillery.

They simplify the hiring process by giving you access to all eligible candidates. Set up an online coding challenge or case contest specific to your needs and evaluate candidates more objectively. This way you will get a much more realistic idea of ​​its caliber.

It sure sounds simple, but the reward it offers you is limitless! Arrive at:

  • Cross geographies and take advantage of every little fold

  • Level the playing field for everyone

  • Save time and money that you would spend on shopping

  • Excellent leapfrogging and firefighting involved in the traditional hiring process

  • Create and maintain a talent portfolio

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The grass is about to turn greener on your side

We all want to be the next big thing! Our business strategies can be innovative and a direct route to becoming the newest industry leader. However, without the right equipment, strategies are nothing more than detailed plans.

If you want to grow like the most beloved search engine without which our lives are incomplete, or like the phone that has a bitten fruit as its logo, we also need to look at their hiring practices. Just learning from their business strategies and ideologies will be like making a cake and leaving out the butter. After all, butter makes everything better! Host your first online recruitment challenge today and make sure your lawn is green too.

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