These 3 Things Make Jeff Bezos a High Performer

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I spend a lot of my time working with and watching those who are currently high achievers or on track to become so. In fact, I am fascinated by surrounding myself with those who consistently perform at an incredibly high level and generate huge amounts of wealth. In fact, along with a handful of colleagues, I have conducted some of the largest tests and studies dedicated to finding out what makes a high performance performance work. This has not only afforded me the opportunity to speak with large amounts of entrepreneurs and business owners, but also to coach these same individuals on a one-on-one basis.


As you can imagine, my attention is easily captured by the most successful people of our day. The Elon Musks, Oprah Winfreys and Jeff Bezos of the world fascinate me. So I want to talk about why I think Jeff Bezos (you may have heard of the founder of Amazon) is so successful. Hopefully, my observations can act as truths and actionables that you can apply in your own pursuit of success.

Risk it all, be careful

Very few success stories have been written without plot twists, climaxes and tense paragraphs. The same goes for Jeff Bezos. But even though he seemingly risked everything, lived in the red, and barely made it out alive, he did it all with a plan.

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Everything he did was part of a two or three year plan. This plan was complete with growth markers, backup plans and more. The risks he took during those two years, while stressful, seemed calculated. He saw others around him shaking their heads at these decisions, but he knew that in order to succeed, he would have to ignore these naysayers and push forward with what he believed was best.

So take a chance. You have to do it. But, count them. Fill them with backup plans and secondary options, but get out of your comfort zone. Ignore the naysayers and trust your gut. Even if everything doesn’t go as planned.

Don’t just think big, think specifically big

Amazon is crazy. crazy big crazy fast Crazy expansive in its inventory, breadth and scope. But every time you log into Amazon, you feel like it’s being catered specifically and especially to you. right? This is not by chance. This is the way of thinking of Jeff Bezos, personified in a business model. Interview after interview, he describes an obsession with giving customers exactly what they want.

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So when you start thinking about how you’re going to change the world, think big, but think specific. Think of big ways to solve small problems. To make life more comfortable. Give people what they need, even if they don’t know they need it.

Spend time being inefficient

That sounds crazy, right? The richest man in the world tells you to be inefficient. And sleep a lot. How does this work? I’ll tell you how.

Inefficiency, when done right, can be very efficient in the long run. Especially when it’s done with a purpose. Too many people work too long at one thing and burn themselves out. Not enough people take the time to be well-rounded, explore their curiosity, and expand their horizons through inefficiency. An activity that you might not consider directly applicable to your current job can do wonders for another part of your life that ends up making you more efficient.

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Intentional inefficiency can be a great teacher, a great stress reliever, and welcome fun that teaches and improves. Especially when you do it on purpose.

Putting these tips into action

Now, these are not the three main things that make Jeff Bezos so successful. But, they are incredibly important pieces of his personality that have added to his success. The bottom line is: take the things you excel at and add simple things you can learn from others. Risk it all, carefully and efficiently. Think especially big. And reserve time to be more complete. You will notice better performance in all aspects of your life.

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