These money and investing tips can put a floor under the debt-ceiling crisis

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As we know economic risk is high right now

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“Putting the Treasury on the brink of default is as stupid as politics”

Confrontation with the US debt ceiling is against the interests of all American investors, consumers and taxpayers. Read more

This is where BlackRock sees a thematic ETF investment opportunity as technology takes off

This week’s ETF wrap shines a light on electric vehicles, an industry that BlackRock’s Jay Jacobs says has taken off but still has a ways to go. Read more

The stock market is sending so many conflicting signals that it’s easy to get confused

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20 AI Stocks Expected to Have Highest Compound Annual Sales Growth Through 2025

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Why market timers are worried about the gap between Dow transports and Dow industrials

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Here’s why Treasuries are considered a reasonable alternative to stocks for the first time in 14 years

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Small, focused technology stock picks: This fund invests in unknown innovators. Here are 2 best options.

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Bondholders have more to fear from the Fed than the debt ceiling

The 10-year Treasury yield actually declined after the US government’s credit rating downgrade in 2011. Read more

Ray Dalio Says Debt Ceiling Debate Sets Stage for ‘Disastrous Financial Collapse’

Rising US debt will eventually lead to the equivalent of a run on the central bank. Read more

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