This Founder is Starting a Breakfast Revolution by Reinventing One of America’s Favorite Foods

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I love a good New York bagel – I like my lightly toasted and cream cheese. Since the 17th century, bagels have been hailed as a popular comfort food. They were believed to have magical powers, and the round shape of the bagel was believed to bring good luck in childbirth.

Audrey Ma

Bagels are an indelible part of American culture, especially in the New York area, but they also tend to have a bad reputation. “Bagels tend to be very high in carbohydrates, with only small amounts of fat and protein,” says Aimee Yang, founder and CEO of BetterBrand. “At BetterBrand, our mission is to design better food for the future, and it all starts with the bagel.”

According to the American Diabetes Association, 34.2 million Americans have diabetes. That’s about 10.5% of the U.S. population. Rising diabetes awareness is also driving the growth of the $ 16.5 billion diabetic food market.

Manufacturers are spending money on research and development efforts to create products low in carbohydrates and sugars, which help control blood glucose levels. Yang and his BetterBrand team are part of this movement to create more options for diabetics, starting with the bagel.

BetterBrand bagel has the same net carbohydrate content as two slices of banana. It has the same protein content as four eggs. In addition, it has the same sugar content as a celery stalk. Its ingredients have been shown to lower insulin levels, lower cholesterol and keep customers fuller for longer. He does all the things Yang hoped for when he set out to create it to honor his memory of enjoying bagels on Christmas morning with his family.

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Yang’s mission is to start a food revolution. Here are three lessons you can learn while creating BetterBrand:

Don’t just be a tourist

Yang attributes her first career to helping her prepare for entrepreneurial life. “My parents emigrated from China at the age of 20, both with technical training, and they were more conservative, both in terms of experience and experience,” he says. “I was told I had to be fully prepared as an entrepreneur before I jumped into the world of startups and was encouraged to build a foundation. So I got a CPA and started my career at Ernst & Young to learn the basics and understanding how a business really works “.

During his stay in EY, Yang raised his hand to go to work in Bangalore, India. She attributes that experience has helped her gain empathy and a greater cultural understanding of what life outside the US can be like. “Don’t just be a tourist,” Yang says. “Going to live and work in another country. You learn and grow a lot by working with other people who have a different mindset, a different way of solving problems, and just have a very different view of the world that is not based solely on life in the United States. It will become very valuable as you constantly work with different people and distill different opinions as a founder and entrepreneur. ”

Get excited

Storytelling is a critical skill that Yang has perfected over the years. “The story and the analysis of the data go hand in hand. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
BetterBrand’s Instagram posts are a mini master class on how to tell a powerful story and connect with consumers. Its “Worse, Better” campaign, also featured in an outdoor campaign in selected U.S. cities, brings the brand’s proposal and history to life. A pager versus an iPhone. A fryer versus an air fryer. Plug-in headphones versus AirPods. It’s hard not to be tempted to try a BetterBrand Better Bagel after that.

Don’t be distracted

“It’s easy to get distracted as an entrepreneur,” says Yang. “Don’t get distracted with the next shiny object, keep going. Focus on going from point A to point B and do it really well.” Yang points out the first ideas he had about all kinds of merchandising, including the designs for a better toaster to go with The Better Bagel. “We were very inspired and excited to get involved and do everything” better. “After all, The Better Bagel is our hero product, and we’ve put our interest in it. the most exciting customer experience and pave the way for the future of food. ” And Yang’s commitment is paying off, and the demand and enthusiasm for both The Better Bagel and BetterBrand has exceeded expectations.

“For us, it’s not about driving a product or a product portfolio, it’s about inspiring a movement,” says Yang. “BetterBrand is not just a food technology company. Instead, we rely on a simple but powerful set of ideas. We believe that unnecessary boundaries need to be broken. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy freedom and freedom.” “We believe that a better world is possible. And we know that together we will create it.”

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