This is Continental’s robot battery that could change the electric car market

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The electric vehicle industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. Virtually every carmaker is developing models that can be competitive in a market that is still dominated by Tesla. One of the factors that has limited the development of this technology is the batteries, their charging time and the autonomy they give to the vehicle. In addition, there is the dependence of cables and plugs to be able to charge them.

Continental the German company known worldwide for the manufacture of tires, is working on the development of a wireless charging robotic battery next to Volterio , a startup based in Austria. The device has two parts: one that is fixed to the car (the one that receives the energy), and another that moves on the ground under the car (the one that sends the electric charge). For an electric vehicle to charge properly, the two parts must be aligned, which is not the case if the driver is parked incorrectly. Therefore, there is a loss of energy and the charge is not as efficient. The Continental robot is able to locate the exact spot where it needs to be positioned for efficient loading, and does so automatically.

The system, which could be launched in 2024, can be easily installed in any electric vehicle and charging can start as soon as the car is parked. The system is very similar to the one introduced by Volvo earlier this year, with the difference that these load units are fixed to the ground and the driver has to position the car correctly for the load to take place.

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