This Kickstarter-Funded Robot Dog Makes a Fun Addition to the Family

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Some kids want to start making lemonade stalls, some want to sell eggs, others are a little more interested in the technical aspects of the world. If you want to give your kids a STEM education while they have a lot of fun, why not bring a robot dog into the family? Petoi Bittle is the palm-sized robot dog suitable for children 14 and older to build and for children of all ages to enjoy under adult supervision.


Bittle is an open source bionic robot dog that was successfully funded on Kickstarter. With the base kit, you’ll be able to assemble an all-inclusive puzzle frame and download demo codes to GitHub to get started with basic four-legged Bittle moves. With the STEM and Robotics Kit, then, you can go further by learning how to code, customize, and program Bittle to do amazing tricks. Leg movement gives Bittle more freedom to navigate unstructured terrain and allows you to practice coding robotic gait, locomotion, and kinematic behaviors. You can control Bittle with Bluetooth remote control or Petoi mobile / desktop applications.

Bittle is an open platform for merging gadgets from multiple manufacturers into a single organic system so you can go far beyond the basics. It uses a custom Arduino board that coordinates all the instinctive and sophisticated movements and is extensible with artificial intelligence capabilities and more by mounting a Raspberry Pi or other AI chips via wired or wireless connections. It is highly programmable with Scratch, C ++ or Python encoding, and the Li-ion battery pack supports approximately one hour of continuous walking.

Make learning programming more fun than ever. For a limited time, you can add Petoi Bittle to your family with a 9% discount from $ 329 to $ 299. You can also get a pre-assembled kit for $ 309.

Prices subject to change.

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