This Odor Eliminator Is a Must-Have When Working From Home

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More Americans work from home. And who can blame them? With so many remote jobs that pay more than the average American salary, many people are ready to say goodbye to the office for good. But there are still drawbacks to working from home. Suddenly you need to clean a workspace and a living space and you may be a little more familiar with the little smells that your home captures during the day. Especially if you have pets.


If you’re getting too familiar with these nasty odors, take a look at VentiFresh Plus – next-generation germ and odor remover. VentiFresh Plus was inspired by the use of NASA’s photocatalytic technology on the International Space Station, using the same process to eliminate odors and reduce germs in the air. That’s why it was funded nearly 400 percent on Indiegogo.

The core of the VentiFresh UV catalyst with UVC update breaks down the odor by natural photosynthesis, producing clean air as a result, according to the company. It is a more scientific approach to deodorization that can more effectively remove air from the odors of cat litter, shoes, food, and microbes that come with these odors.

VentiFresh Plus is the size of a lemon, so you can put it anywhere in your home depending on where the odors come from. Just plug it in with the micro USB cable and a power bank or outlet. If you want, you can place an ice pad on the bottom so that it sticks to the walls or ceiling. Then, just turn it on and let it run.

Engadget writes that VentiFresh Plus is “a safe solution to make your home environment odor-free.” Find out why when you pick up a VentiFresh Plus: next-generation germ and odor remover for a $ 29% discount of $ 84 for just $ 58.99.

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